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That weird love story about crabs

By @krisyuboi_7

The whole story

In the depths of the deep, blue, ocean. On the silky, white, shiny sand sat a smooth, young, nice crab named Buck. He had problems with his family. Saying goodbye to the only other crabs he has ever known was the hardest thing he had ever done. He just couldn’t take the pain he had suffered when he was little from his parents fighting all the time. He had lost all of his siblings one day when they were outside playing. They left and never came back. He felt like he needed time away, he felt like it was time to go out on his own into the big world. So he dove head first into life all alone. Trying not to think about his family he may never see again, he really needed a companion, a partner in life so he wasn’t alone. It took long weeks that felt like months to get up on his feet and settle into a nice little rock. Getting food, finding a job, and finding somebody was his main concern. He had no friends, yet then again no family. He was all alone.

Deep down where many crabs lived in an underwater canyon, lived a young, beautiful, and very emotional crab named Olivia. She lived with all of her family. She has never really liked her family, she always thought they were annoying and just told her what to do all the time. Being the young curious crab she was, she wanted to find love. Somebody she could trust with anything, love, and somebody that will treat her the way she deserves to be treated. Most women deserve to be treated with respect and loyalty. She didn’t want just any crab, she wanted somebody she could love.

One day Buck couldn’t catch anything to eat, so he went down to the canyon to buy food. On the way down the temperature dropped fast. When he was walking in the canyon he saw all sorts of different beautiful colors. He saw many new crabs, and lots of food. When trying to purchase fish meant with pebbles Olivia bumped into Buck.They looked each other and apologized. But both of them stared into each other’s eyes for a solid 4 seconds, they both felt like they liked each other. Buck being the slick crab he was, asked brought up some thing about moving into the same area. Olivia got excited and asked “ When are you moving ?”

Buck replied with “ As soon as I can get all of my stuff over here and find a place to live.“ Olivia asked “ Would you like any help ?” Buck replied with a “ Yes that would be amazing.”

Then they parted ways and said they would see each other later. Buck continued to look for food. There were too many options of different types of fish. He finally settled for the kind he usually caught and went home happy he found somebody and got food.

After a long day of looking for a house to purchase Buck finally chose a little rock about fifteen feet away for where Olivia lived with her family. Olivia helped go to his old rock and get all of his stuff to bring back to his new home. Buck thanked Olivia and asked “ Do you know where I could get a job?” Olivia answered with excitement “ Yes, my dad is looking for somebody to help work at his shop and sell fish bait.” Buck replied with “ Ok, that sounds great when can I meet him? ” Olivia calmly said “ If you have time later you can stop by my home and meet him. “ Buck replied happily but calm “ Ok sounds like a plan. “ Buck thanked her again and then they Olivia left.

A little later into the day when Buck was done rearranging all of his stuff into his new home he got ready to meet Olivia’s dad. He was very nervous. It took him about an hour to get ready. He ate a little bit of fish and then headed over to Olivia’s house. On the way there he kept seeing some big thing swim above him. It never really came close enough for him to actually see what it was though. When he reached Olivia’s house everything from then went on smooth. Olivia introduced them to each other, they got along and joked around alot. Buck got the job and there were lots of laughs and smiles. When the day was over Buck asked Olivia if she would like to go on a picnic the next day. With a quick answer she said “ Yes what time “ Buck answered quickly with “ Mid-day we can go towards the beautiful coral reefs and have a picnic just stop by my house and I can take you. “ She was happy and replied with “ Ok. “ Then they both said goodbye and then Buck went home. They were too excited to sleep. Neither of them couldn’t wait for the next day.

Early in the morning Buck got up early to go buy the most expensive fish he could buy. He got ready for the day and waited. When he heard Olivia calling his name from outside his home his heartbeat picked up and he started sweating. He was a nervous wreck. He walked down and saw her… He thought to himself “ Wow she looks. Beautiful. “ So they went on and walked to the coral reef. Buck swore he would have saw something following them. Buck asked “ How was your day so far ?” When she went to reply a huge shark swam passed them and then turned around and darted for them. Buck grabbed Olivia and jump out of the way of the shark and Screamed “ Follow me Quick! “ They ran for a short five minutes that felt like hours and then hide under rocks. “ Are you ok? “ Buck asked. Olivia in panic, trying to catch her breathe said “ Yes I’m ok, are you ?” With a sigh of relief Buck replied “ Yes, im fine. ” They waited for hours and then Buck being the young brave man he was, went to go outside and see if it was gone. He was gone for ten minutes and Olivia started to worry. Luckily Buck came back and with relief he concluded “ The shark is gone, I didn’t see it out there when I checked. “ So the tried running back to the canyon. Wasting not a second to get there as fast as possible. But then Buck and Olivia saw something in the distance it was huge. So they turned around and ran. Trying to keep up with Olivia Buck got his leg stuck in between a crack of two rocks. Olivia cried “ Come on Buck! “ He screamed and panicked the object catching up very quickly. Olivia struggling to help Buck, It quickly engulfed them tearing Bucks leg off. Screaming in pain he held onto Olivia for dear life. The net was being brought up to the surface. Then they were thrown into a little bucket. Olivia and Buck crying with all doubt that they would survive Buck cried and screamed “ Im sorry Olivia ! Its my fault this should have never happened. “ Olivia sad and scared held Buck close for what it seemed to be long months they were stuck in a bucket.

The sound of rushing water and light woke Buck up. He and Olivia were dumped into some sort of tank. He looked at Olivia. There she sat, lifeless no movement. Buck Screamed “ Wake up but she never did. “ Some sort of claw grabbed her body and took it away. He cried, so many emotions and thoughts running through his head. Blaming all of this on himself. Her fear, depression, and death. He never forgave himself again. He sat in that tank for two full months. Eventually a claw grabbed him put him in a bucket and brought him into a huge room, full of shiny stuff. Then he felt the claw grab him again and under his belly he felt heat. A Lot of heat. Then he was dropped into boiling water. Screaming in pain feeling his insides cook, his shell cracked straight down the middle. His eyes popped out and everything went dark. Later that night Buck was just some crab that had been a meal for a human named Boberto. Boberto really liked the taste of this crab and he went home with his stomach full and in a happier mood. Boberto was happy that he had a successful dinner date with his girlfriend.

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