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That Time I Became a Superhero!

By @Saikoes

Pretty Little Lies

Mei and Wildfire sat atop a building. Mei carelessly let her feet hang over the side. The two just sat in silence, neither really had anything to say. Or maybe it was that they didn’t want to say anything, or that they didn’t know how to vocalize what they were thinking.

“What are you going to do now?” Wildfire finally said, “If you need help, I am more than willing to–”

Mei raised her hand, “I’m… Gonna go home, I think I’ll sleep on what I’ll do for a bit… My mind is just racing with ideas and none of them are very good,”

“I see…” Wildfire sighed, “Well, if you ever change your mind, here’s my Inst◯gram, shoot me a message, we’ll sort things out!” He added, writing down his information on a piece of paper.

Mei stifled a laugh, “You have social media? That’s funny,”

“Hey, it’s important as a superhero to make yourself known! For… Good reasons, of course,” Wildfire said, “But I mean it, I’ll help you out with whatever you need, us supers have to stick together, after all,”

“Thanks, Wildfire,” Mei said, “Means a lot, actually… Even if you are a bit of an idiot sometimes…”

“Love the backhanded compliments…” Wildfire murmured, “In any case, what should I call you? Real names are not allowed, keep the anonymity,”

“Hmm…” Mei thought for a while, “Coming up with a name on the spot is hard, but I guess if we’re going off my powers… Necroia, yeah, that works!”

“Huh, thought you’d go with something speed related, but no judgment, no judgment,” Wildfire replied, “I like it… Anyway, I gotta get, city probably needs me for something, I’ll catch you later… Necroia,”

With that, Wildfire flew off into the distance.

“Wish I could fly… How did necromancy get passed down to me, but not flight… I don’t think dad can even <em style=

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