By @lizzyphantom


By @lizzyphantom

In a land where magic rules above all there lie a kingdom of Fire, Sigmis. A past causing the true heirsto the throne to flee at a young age but now this is their time to regain the crown full of dark secrets of the kingdoms past.

Chapter 1

Shadowed Memories

“Amelia looked over and realized what time it was this morning. She still didn’t get the acceptance letter from the college that she wanted to go to, with everyday she has become more and more anxious.

Getting up she ran through her house and slowed down for a second trying to catch her breath from her nervousness. After catching her breath amelia ran the rest of the way almost running into a wall.She ran into her living room with ragged breaths.” Have they..?”


With a sigh from the grey couch, her mom turned to look at her.” I haven’t checked the mail yet today, you should though.” Her mom turned back around and focused her attention on trying to find a movie on the TV.

“That means i have to go outside and it’s dumping cats and dogs,” Amelia whined with a groan, turned around, and stomped back to her room. She paused midway to take a minute to look at the pictures on the hallway walls; they were in order from when she was about the age of five till the last picture day at school from last year. Her dad wasn’t in any of the pictures- he was a sensitive topic- so she chose not to ask her mom about it. 

She laughed at the picture from her year in 4th grade. The wind had been heavy that day and she had lost a tooth all within a few hours. She was a complete mess but she had a big heart-melting smile that showed how proud she was of her lost tooth.

Tearing her eyes away from the picture, she ran up to her room to search for some socks and shoes. Although she had grown up trusting her mom, she had no memories of anything before the age of 5.

For the millionth time, she tried searching in her mind for something but it was all fogged over and gave her an unbearable headache that she couldn’t rid of.

As if trying to walk through the fog in her mind for a minute, she thought that she had seen or heard screaming, and a young man telling her to forget everything in her childhood, as if he had the power to control her mind.

“Amelia you okay?” Her mom asked from behind her, forcing her back to reality. Never in her life had Amelia ever seen those memories and she was very surprised to even get anything out of that little mini meditation if she could even call it that.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just thinking. Thank you, though,”Amelia reassured her mom. I’ll just have to figure it out later, I need to know if I got the letter or not, keep your head in the game, Amelia, no time to screw around. Remember, you still have to finish that essay. She thought to herself almost yelling in her head. 

Stopping in her doorway, she scanned her room spotting her blue Levis sitting next to her bookshelf. Picking them up, she sautered over to the small trunk, that she conveniently kept all of her clothes in and pulled out a pair of socks: they were black with a yellow stripe on the ankle. After slipping the socks on she slid over to her shoes and pulled them on, not bothering to untie them.

Looking out of her bedroom window, she spotted the mail truck a few houses down from hers. The wait was killing her as the mail truck finally closed in on her mailbox. Turning from the window, the small pitter patter of her cats paws filtered into the room as if searching for attention.

“Hello Tux. Would you like a treat or for a scratch behind your ears? After all, I am at your service.” Amelia giggled while treating him like a king, even though he was in their house. Since her mom had not dated anyone, she gave the role to him.

Walking over to the treat jar sitting on her desk, Amelia turned the lid slightly watching Tux jump onto the desktop only to stand and look at the jar patiently. ”Tux, you know the procedures, sit.” Amelia demanded shaking her finger in a down motion, telling Tux to sit.

Obeying, he sat down but instead of looking at the treat like usual he looked past her at a figure standing in the doorway. Turning her head, there was no-one there but she could see a blonde haired figure standing in the corner of her eyes. Taking it as a ghost that was a creep in the past life she dropped the treat in front of Tux and closed the jar with a small click as she turned to go get the mail and – hopefully – her life want (and wish) for several years.

Jogging out of her room and into the hallway, she swung herself from the door frame of the last room, flinging herself at the front door, ignoring her moms grin.

Launching herself out of the front door and slamming it behind her she bolted across her yard almost running into their car. ”Come on run faster!” Amelia yelled, trying to push herself faster as she ran to the mailbox. She opened the flap to it, jamming her hand into the metal container and grabbed the pile of mail, sifting through the junk mail until a letter fell to the ground. It was stamped with a cat shape that looked similar to a bobcat but had water fire and earth surrounding it and something else that looked like a shadow. 

Picking it up, she turned it over and was surprised to find that it was signed to her with her full name. It had a rough parchment feel to it. Carefully, peeled it open, not wanting to rip the amazing letter and wax enclosement. She torn a chunk of wax off in the end but managed to open the letter and unfolded it. The letter read:

Dear Amelia Diana Noel,

We are happy to announce that you have been accepted into the academy of Pemwerth. Pemwerth is a school for all elemental controllers and all creatures. This is the firstin ten years that we will be accepting submissions from elementals that moved out of Maladia and into the mortal world. We will be picking you up at 7 o’clock in one weeks time so please be ready. A uniform will be provided once you arrive so don’t worry about your attire.

Sincerely, Professor Henderson.

 Dropping her hands to her sides amelia stared at the tree behind the mailbox. ”All I’m going to say is that was not the letter was looking for and I am no elemental whatsoever. If I was then, I would’ve been able to control it by now; and what the **** does it mean by creatures?” Amelia mutters to herself, very confused, marching into the house, ignoring the chill from the fall weather. Slamming the door open and closed behind her as she entered the small house, she ran over to her mom, who was watching some movie that she didn’t recognize.

“ Did you get it?” Her mom carol called from the couch.

Sighing amelia shakes her head and holds the letter up for her mom to see.” I didn’t get the one i want and i don’t exactly want to go to this school much because then I’ll have to go to some place that knows my information that i haven’t even heard of.”

“ Let me see the letter.” Carol wrapped her hands around the letter and ripped it in half throwing the sides in seperate directions.

“ What the hell!” Amelia yelled looking at the pieces on the floor.

“ its for your best interest to not to go to that school and the fact that you don’t want to go is even better 

“ Is there a specific reason that you don’t want me to go?” Amelia asked.

“ There is a reason, and there’s a reason that our family moved away from there. Only those who have roots from their world can have abilities concerning magic sense this dimension is magicless. Want to here the story on why our family left?” Carol patted the spot next to her on the couch.

Moving over to join her mom Amelia responded with a,“ I guess.” She muttered, looking at her feet, sitting beside her mother on the couch, rubbing her thumb over the mail still in her hand. “Is it why I don’t know anything about dad and can’t remember anything before i was 5ish?” Amelia scrunched her eyebrows in question, glancing back up at her mom..

Her mom gently took the mail from her and set it on the coffee table, turning back to hold Amelia’s hands. “It is actually. So, this is how it goes: long ago, there once was a princess who noticed how horribly all of the other races were being treated. Although they were treated as such, they were still friendly and very kind. So, in return of their kindness, she decided that once she became queen she would change it. As she got older, she fell in love with a boy who was of shifterand elemental heritage. It was forbidden for them to marry, both of them knew so and yet still would try their damnest to see each other, like Romeo and Juliet. The boy’s family soon found out and began to spread nasty rumors about her royal family, only for the princess to become despised among her people.

“But one day the princess gave birth to a little boy who they deemed Luke Noel. He had golden hair that glistened in the sunlight and mesmerizing little eyes that were both blue and green – depending on the lighting. He pushed all of the troubles behind the small couple. Luke became loved by the people of the kingdom and his grandparents. All except the princess’ sister, she despised Luke; she wanted him and his parents dead because she was second in line for the throne and what she called an impure child was now in line above her,and she was furious.

“The princess’ sister began to plot the couple and the child’s demise, alas after a couple of years when they were sure it was safe to have another child, they had a little girl whose name was forgotten over the years. When she was born, she glowed as if a fire was alight under her skin showing to the world the amount of power that had resided with in. Her hair was a deep chocolate but she had the darkest blue eyes that looked like the night sky. The siblings soon become so close they couldn’t be separated but the power that they were taught to control from within was fire and water two of the strongest elements. It soon grew to the point that it was increasingly difficult for the 5 &7 year old to handle.”

 Her mom too a breath and licked her lips before continuing. “With this small ripple within the family, the second princess used this opportunity to gain control over the kingdom.There was chaos as she began telling lies about how the children were being trained to kill their own people, creating fear and hate. One night there was a riot with torches and spikes sharp to the touch laisted with poison magic, they broke down the castle doors. The little girl was teriffied and her body engulfed itself in flames her hair floated around her head as it would in water. Her hands shot beams of fire to the rioters burning them all alive lighting the doors and ceiling on fire burning the castle slowly eliminating the protective barrier.

“ This has nothing to do with the school, and has nothing to do with dad. I can see where the moving out of that disaster is from but this story is pretty pointless.” Amelia groaned.

“Let me finish the story before you say anything else.” Her mom snapped. She sucked in a breath and continued.” Before the riot Luke had gone into his parents room only to see a shadowed figure leaning over his parents bed about to kill them he had thought.Unlike his sister “The princess’ old friend from a neighboring kingdom was only able to take the girl to a place where Fianna could never find her. Luke was much easier to hide because water was an easier element to hide. Luke also happened to have inherited the shapeshifter gene so we had him change his appearance to look like a whole other person to make sure that fianna never found him. Ever since there has been no word since that fateful day when the Noel rule fell, the missing rulers were replaced by the rule of a new queen and king. The new queen being Fianna herself and the king a prince from a less fortunate kingdom from a magicless kingdom.” Her mom, Carol, stopped leaving many unanswered questions..” That’s all i can tell you and it all has to do with the school. Can you see why now?”

“The Luke in the story has the same last name as I do. Ls it just by coincidence?” She asked her mother.” “ Thats was a cool story and all but it had almost nothing to do with the school.” Amelia hopped up from the couch questioning the look on her moms face as if she had just dug up a painful family memory that she had tried to forget.

Walking into her room, she flipped open her laptop and stared at the blank page that she had yet to fill up with the essay that she needed to write but didn’t know what to put. There was only a few weeks left to her senior year and now that she didn’t need to worry about being accepted into a dept causing school. 

Instead she was stuck with a school for people wielding magic.

She really hoped that being raised in the mortal world, as it was referred to, wouldn’t make her any different from those that live in Maladia. There couldn’t be that many differences, after all there had to be others there like her.

“I swear if they don’t know what a phone or laptop is, I’m leaving. If I have to keep all my papers, which I constantly lose all together, I will freak.” Amelia seethed, shaking her head at the thought of these people possibly having no knowledge of the mortal world when they’re sending letters out to ‘elementals’.

Amelia’s head swam with ideas of this school and how the people would treat her and for some reason, she felt the need to find the kids from her moms story to help them take back what was taken from them.

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