Tell Me Sad Girl

By @flirtingwithanarchy
Tell Me Sad Girl

What lingers behind such tired eyes?

Chapter 1

Tell me sad girl,

What lingers behind              

Such tired eyes?                 

What stories have you    

Swallowed to become more       

Than what you thought you were?         

You are too young

To be this  


This destroyed.   

When did the world     

Break you?                         

When did you stop waiting          

For something more      

Than this?          

You know blood.     

You know grief.     

You know this world has        

So much pain to offer.        

But tell me sad girl,                    

Do you know                        

The taste of lips         

That smile?           

Do you know

The sound of laughter

Cutting through tears?

You say thank you

As you drown

In a world that was

Always going to be 

Too cruel for you. 

What do the soft 

Parts of you

Feel like?

Do they feel like



And tell me sad girl, 

When you taste the night,

What lingers on your tongue?

Can you speak through 

The sickly sweet?

Tell me sad girl,

When did you become this sad?

Was it after the last heartbreak?

Or the one before that?

Or the one before that?

Sad girl,

Let me tell you,

You’re nineteen

And there’s a world out there

You’ve never even seen. 

There’s a place calling your name,

A place that’s not here. 

There are people

That won’t break your heart

And people that will

And people that will let

You decide. 

Sad girl, 

You are but a child

In the hands of

A world that hasn’t even

Noticed you yet.

But believe me,

It will. 

It will. 

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