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By @Naina Tomar


We teenagers are the most ignored persons. Because nobody tries to understand us, they just think we are little birds who have nothing to do rather than chirping. 

So, now I want to make other understand that how complicated we are. I want other to think about us. They should know how we feel about everything. People should not just leave us behind because we are teenagers and we do not understand or feel anything. 

Nobody talks about the life of a teenage. Everybody thinks we are children, so there’s nothing in our life to talk about. Even most of our parents don’t know about it. That what we are dealing with or from what we are suffering.  

Sometimes people want us to behave like adults, that we should behave like adults then If we want to do something for ourselves or want to do something with our will, then they call us children. I think this happens in most of the teenager life.  

We are not allowed to do things what we want to do but we are expected to behave like adults. We are always left behind.  

Actually, If I tell you the biggest secret of teenagers then we think a lot. At this stage we think that no one understand us and it might be true. We want that someone should understand us and listen to us, ask that what’s going in our life. If we are doing good or not, if we are going through rough patch or anything.  

But someone should at least try. We always try to do things in the better way but no one appreciate that, no one see that. All they see is that we did something wrong. 

I just want that we shouldn’t be ignored like this and we should be respected and understood. 

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