Tales of Mythgaria: Journal #1

By @Rabid_Gaming

Tales of Mythgaria: Journal #1

By @Rabid_Gaming

Connor Fritzberg is a normal 16 year old who is dragged (against his will) into a world of fantasy and magic. He is trapped and must find a way back home. But an ancient evil has other plans. This is his first hand account of the world of Mythgaria.

Chapter 1

To be honest, I don’t know where to start. I never had to write in a journal before. I’m starting now because if I don’t, I will go insane. I think I’ll start with my name.

My name is Connor Fritzberg. I know, ****** name, huh? I sound like a dork. Ok, good start here, guess I’ll keep going. I am about 5’4’’ and 129 lbs (I think). I have black hair. I wear glasses. The only thing I like about my appearance is my eyes. They’re blue. Deep blue. They make me look like I’m wearing contact lenses.

Rex gave me this journal to write down my experiences. He says it’s a great way to vent. You might be wondering who Rex is. We’ll get to that.

Right now I’ll tell you everything that happened to me and how my life sucks right now.

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