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Taking Da Jacks by Orlando Taylor

By @EnglishTeacher

Taking Da Jacks by Orlando Taylor

Imagine driving legal but illegally in the county of St.louis. It was about 3 o’clock in the morning and the craziest thing happened to me and the gang. Like an hour earlier I asked my pops for the car, and he told us to come get it. So we were getting ready and cleaning up so we could leave. We ended up getting an uber to the city to get the car. Once we got the car things took a dramatic turn for the worst “ with the jacks ‘’

When we got in the car I connected to the aux cord. Turned on Amr Dee Huncho which is a local rapper from St.Louis. We pulled off and took Hall Street to the county. On the way to the county, Oscar, which is one of my homies, he got a text from a girl saying come see me I’m in the county. So he got excited and told Kevin, who is my other homeboy, to drop him off down the street. 

It got really dark and cold and foggy. So we tell Oscar to go to her house, do what you gotta do and come out. When he went into her house we parked a few houses down to where we were not in front of her house and not too far from oscar so we could see the house. We cut the music down to pay attention to our surroundings. 30 minutes to an hour went by and the police kept rolling past us and hitting u-turns but they were driving really slow. 

So  we texted and called Oscar to come outside cause we knew some fishy was going on. He wasn’t answering our text nor our calls. 2 minutes later he called saying “here I come” we got to yelling and saying come on man “ this ain’t the time to be playing “ kevin said. Soon we said that the Jacks (police) got behind us and I said ****. I knew the police were going to do something weird. They wouldn’t have done that many u-turns for no reason. The police hopped out the car then all we see is somebody pulling the door and that’s when all hell broke loose. 

We couldn’t see who was pulling on the door until we saw Oscar running around the car from the police. The police officer got to chasing Oscar saying stop running, and Oscar replied “ why are you chasing me?“.  We tried opening the door on the side that Oscar was on, but he wasn’t paying attention. So we locked the door and told Oscar to run so he did then we pulled off. And he started running but the police officer started running with him. 

I opened the door as we were driving yelling “Oscar to get in,”, but he jumped in and almost fell but I caught his arm because he started to fall out of the car. Oscar started yelling stop but kevin said “ no he still chasing us on feet “ ni**a slow down i’m not in the car Oscar yelled. I got you, I said to Oscar, and pulled him in. we pulled off and everybody got to yelling, after hearing enough i said shut the h*ll up. Then everybody looked back and I said “ he is in the car with every limb and piece of hair so just shut up. “. I cut the music back up and  Kevin knew what to do. We made it back home safe and sound and everybody had their own story to tell at the end of the night.

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