Taking a breaK

By @NateIvison

Taking a breaK

By @NateIvison

Chapter 1

We all need time

I believe in feeling safe at with your mind at ease with life. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by our everyday lives that may consist of school, work, relationships between friends and family, and also maybe other financial problems. We as people need time off and away from these types of things. It could be from doing something simple like drawing a picture to going on a huge planned vacation. Having this time away helps us re-focus and clear our heads on what we need to do and we come back ready and stress free.


  I think everyone can relate to being stressed or not feeling like themself through out there life. I know I have. You wish you could just get away and catch a brake from it all. The best part about that is that you can. You can get away from it all and come back when you are ready or atleast come back with a better consciounce. We all need time for ourselves to think and reflect on our lives. It helps us focus on what we are wanting to accomplish and we come out stronger towards it as well.

  School can be a really big hazard for teenagers more specifically on a mental basis. People who are attending school are usually going through drama with friends or stressing over the work they need to complete. Some will act differently with these situations. Some will have a mental break down, work through it, or maybe even try there best to resolve the issue. Any of these options is reasonable but still difficult to do. There is always another option to help us relax, to get your mind off it all. Students love the weekends because they can escape the stress and the drama that they are experiencing. This allows them to hit the refresh button and come back clear and ready.

  Taking time of everything especially anytype of work can be good for you. Not forever or a long period of time but maybe a week or just a weekend. That should be more than enough time to reassemble yourself from the troubles your are currently going through. If you are looking for a job/to be employed the #1 thing the employers look for is creativity. Research shows that if you go out camping and experience nature and the world for what it is without using any or little technology, will spike your creativity levels by 50%.

That is alot for anyone.

  In conlusion everyone needs a break from work and a brake to help increase there life experiences. We all need to remember that you only live once and should live life while being the best you you can be. Going on vacations, seeing the world or just hanging out with friends can help us refresh ourselves. Allow us to come back to our issue and resolve or know how to handle it if can’t be resolved. We will come back stronger, clearer, and overall better.

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