Take Me to Church

By @TheLostAngel

Take Me to Church

By @TheLostAngel

On the French countryside a young man named William Holveck finds himself bored, until he finds a hidden room. In this room holds a secret that will change his life forever.

Chapter 1

If there was one thing William Holveck liked about France, it was the French countryside. He loved the rolling hills and wooded areas for which he could get lost in for hours. Sadly that was really the only thing he liked about France. No, William didn’t really like France. He preferred London and it’s rainy streets. Had it been up to him, William would be at home, studying for his Criminal Justice Degree, but no, his family had to get in his way.

Now don’t get him wrong, William loved his family. Though if you asked, any member in that family would tell you that they felt nothing for each other. After all, caring had hurt them once before, they’d never allow it to hurt them again. Some people called it the Holveck curse. He called it, when he was younger anyway, bad luck. Still, they did care, otherwise William wouldn’t be in France. He wouldn’t be spending his summer in his brother’s dusty old castle on the French countryside, no he’d be in England, helping anyone who came to his door, solve mysteries.

Ah, yes the young Holveck hated this castle, and didn’t want to be here. It always felt like he walking through a dark memory, one that he couldn’t remember. It was the only mystery that William didn’t want to solve. It was like he had a past here. A dark one, that refused to leave him, even after all these years. There was only place in this dusty old castle that the youngest Holveck liked, the library. Unlike the rest of the house, it had a lighter air. Like it was a safe haven. It always seemed to welcome him.

The man sighed, there would be time for sulking later. Right now, he was going to pick up one of the old books he hadn’t read yet. He had managed to survive for three months. One more week wasn’t going to kill him. Not yet anyway. He just needed to find something to stimulate his mind.

His eyes scanned over the neverending rows of books. There! I’ve never seen that one before. Smirking, William practically glided to the bookshelf. His steps impossibly long. Careful, the brown-haired man gripped the ancient book’s spine, willing it to come out of the wall. Strangely, the book didn’t move. He tried again, only to hear a light click. He froze, what was that? Slowly, he let go of the book, moving back. The bookshelf before him moved back as well revealing a dark hall, carved into the mountainside on which the castle was built upon.

It was obviously hand made, judging by the little tool marks. It’s must of been made centuries ago, but why? Grey eyes lit up in joy, a mystery, just waiting to be reveal, but first he needed to find a light source. Spotting a candle, William quickly pulled out his lighter. If there was one good thing about this dusty old place (but let’s be honest it’s not really), it was the fact that it’s way easier to keep up a smoking habit here than in England. William took out his lighter and lit the candle then placed it back in his pocket.. He didn’t know why, but this place felt for familiar. Like entering your childhood home.

The hall was long and winding, with stairs leading to rooms with more halls, and yet he didn’t feel lost. No, he felt as if he knew every inch of this twisting hell of caves. Soon he found himself in a tomb, the smell of decay was strong. William found himself smirking, he wanted to examine the bodies, but something was telling him to keep going, that there was something he needed to see. He just didn’t know what it was.

It was another ten minutes after the tomb that brunet found himself a wooden door. Locked, he thought as he leaned down. For a moment he thought about breaking it down, but then he noticed a stone sitting on the south wall. Drag marks, it must be hiding something. Walking over to the stone he pushed it, relieving a hole in the wall with an old wooden box hidden within it. Jewelry box, ancient, expertly crafted, made mostly of metal. Made to last. Slowly, the youngest Holveck opened the box to reveal a old rusty key and a letter made of parchment.

William carefully pulled out the letter and read it out loud to himself, “First I just crave to say that if this is mine brother, i’d like to say to thou to mind thy own business. Should thee are not mine brother, and i am still alive, then please leave this letter were thou found it. For he whom found this letter long after mine perpetual wink, please take the key, and read mine sorrow. Tis no use to me. I’d also like to congratulate thou. After all, thou would’ve been a man of observation to see the drag marks. E’en after all these years. I only pray that this means human started to value truth over the lies of the christian temple , i also pray thou shall not judge me for this “sickness” I not control. I maybe just being to optimistic. If this hast not changed, then please, take mine tale as a warning, and protect yourself and thy heart.


The man stared at the letter for a little longer, before folding it up and placing it back into the box. He then pulled out the key and placed the box back into its hole. Hmmm looks like this distant ancestor and I share a name. That might be a problem later. I think I’ll call him Will.

Laughing quietly to himself, the youngest Holveck opened the dark green door. Suddenly William found himself drowning, the feeling of Deja Vu overwhelming his senses. Why do I… feel like I’ve… been here? What’s going on?”

When he finally calmed down, William started to take in the room he was in. The first thing to stick out to me was the desk across from the doorway. Hanging over it was a portrait of two men. One who looked strangely like him and the other a handsome blond man with haunting blue eyes and a soft kind smile. On either side, were two tall bookshelves. The right was filled with books of all kinds, however, the one on the left only held a few. Simple white books with nothing on them but gold painted numbers. The first one starting at five. Journals. Homemade obviously. This is someone’s (most likely Will’s) office. On the desk was the last book, number 27. Hmmm, that’s my age. If this is the last book, that means he died. I highly doubt he’d leave these here, and even if he did, he’d at least take that one. It’s unfinished.

William couldn’t help but feel put off. Carefully, the grey eyed man opened the book to a random page near the center, and read it quietly to himself.

He is my night.

My sweet moon.

He is my light.

He is my doom.

My heart feels like it’s bursting out of my chest. How can John, a mere soldier become my everything? It’s only been a fortnight since I have met him and already he’s captured my every thought. I have to stop this, whatever this feeling in my chest is, or else we’ll both meet our doom.

William chuckled as he glanced at the drawing underneath the curling text. It was the blond. He took a moment to admire the work. It wasn’t amazing, but for the time it was pretty great. Isn’t it strange? He wan’t to stop, but I think he’s fallen to deeply.

He is the king of my mind.

His words rule my heart.

His love is why I’m blind.

His love is a work of art.

When I was in Jerusalem, I had become friendly with many souls, and to this day I have held a deep hatred for those who saw, but didn’t observe. These people treated living being as if they were nothing when these so called “savages” were smarter than they could ever wish to be. So imagine my joy when I found out that John felt the same way. In fact, John tells me that’s where he studied medicine. Apparently his teach had old scrolls with Greco-Roman treatments.

“Medicine, contrary to popular belief, isn’t just casting out demons. It’s treating the illness as well. These, so call doctor, however wouldn’t know that if it hit them on the head,” John had once stated as we sat on the castle wall.

Everyday, I find myself falling deeper and deeper… I just don’t know what I’m falling in.

This poor man. He’s fallen in love and doesn’t even know it. William brow flicked at that thought, his mouth became a snarl. He really hoped that for once, just this once, a member of his family was luckily enough to gain a happy ending.

The more William read the more he wished and hoped that Will would be happy. That he would be one of the lucky ones, like his aunt Jewels. The youngest Holveck could feel Deja Vu stronger with every page. Soon he found himself nearing the end of the used pages. Dread filling the pit of his stomach

My brother knows.

This spells our doom.

My love, is there a tomorrow?

My sweet, beloved moon?

I think he knows, my brother has always been smarter than the common folk. He hasn’t said anything yet, but it make me nervous. Knowing that everything I hold so dear are within his hands. I can only hope this will not spell our doom.

William flinced, he knew what it was like, after all his brother was a lot like his. Honestly, it was almost scary how much those two were like. Heck, it was scary how much he was like Will. If he was anyone else, he’d probably think it was reincarnation, but there was no way… right?

They’re forcing me to marry. Her name is Maria. She is a soft little thing. So ever different from my beloved John. Where her hair is soft and brown, his is blond. Where her skin is pale, almost sickly, John’s is a soft tan. She was tall, even a inch taller then some men, but he was short and so easy to hold. They were so different and I found that I didn’t want to marry anyone, if it wasn’t John. 

When I told John, he went quiet then said, “We should run away.”


“My grandfather owns a farm, in England. We should move there.”


We plan on leaving tomorrow.

William held his head, his mind playing out memory after memory, but not his own. Will’s his mind whispered. No, no these were his, just not of this time. These memories, they were of a life he no longer leads. A past far behind him. He just didn’t want to believe it.

The young prince was grinning as he walked to John’s house. This was the day they’d leave. Slowly, he made his way through the streets, but frozen at what he saw. John’s door had been kicked in. Quickly he entered the house to find it ransacked. Someone had taken John.

“Excuse me sir,” he said as he walked up to a stranger, “What happened here?”

The man gave him a look, “Last night the guards came and took him away. Charged with sleeping with another man.”

A woman, his wife, entered with, “I hear he is to burn this morning. In the town square.”

William felt his eyes widen as he ran to the square. He had to stop this. What the young prince didn’t know, was that his brother was there, and he was waiting. As if his feet were on fire, William was fast approaching the square. He managed to get close enough to see John’s face clearly before he was grabbed. He tried to free himself, but the other man’s grip was to strong.

“Today, we gather for the execution of John of Wilberg, for the decusting sin of sleeping with another man,” the priest said, he held the torch, dark brown eyes filled with hate.

All William could hear was the cheering of the crowd as he screamed, trying to get to the man he loved. Suddenly, grey eyes meet stunning blue. The blond smiled and mouthed, “I love you.” as the holy man threw the torch onto the hay resting underneath his lover’s feet.

The world became quiet. He could no longer hear the cheering of the crowd as the fire started to dance. Tears streamed down his cheeks. William once again tried to break free, but couldn’t. All he could do was scream till his throat went dry. Once again blue met grey, and all William saw was the love and pain. John gave him a pained smile as the flames started licking his clothing. Before he knew it, William’s world was gone. Burned into nothing but a charred remains.

It wasn’t until the flames died that he was let go. By this time everyone had already left. Numbly, William made his way over to the blacken earth, before falling to his knees. The feeling of someone behind him, pulled him out of his pity. Looking back, he saw his brother and knew. It was him.

“It was for the best.”

William growled, “I’ll make you pay for this, Francis, mark my words.”

The older prince only smirked as he watched his brother walk away. William would get over it. He was sure…

The grey eyes man didn’t want to believe what he saw, but as he turned the page he knew it was real. Suddenly William didn’t want to know what would come next. He knew he was missing something. Sighing, the ex-prince turned the page.

I keep hearing him. I follow the voice, but it always leads me to the roof. Jump, he says, so that we can meet again. Oh, John, I hope this isn’t trick, for if the voice is true. Then I will be reunited with him once again. All I have to do. Is. Jump. This is all I have to say. It is either this, or move on and marry Maria, and I don’t think I can do that. So this is my final goodbye. God have mercy.

William sighed as he closed the book. Pain in his heart. For his past, life wasn’t kind. He almost felt like giving up. All the hope had been washed away, but something in his mind told him not to. That one day he would see John again, he just didn’t think it’s be so soon.

He came home on a Tuesday, and was walking the street of London, when he found himself staring into familar blue eyes. They were just like he remember, loving and hopeful. Slowly, almost like he was in a trance, William found himself walking up the the blond man.


The man smiled and nodded, “William.”

The youngest Holveck smiled as he picked the small blond up and kissing his forehead, “I missed you. I love you.”

John chuckled as he rested his head on William’s chest, “I missed you too, and I love you too, my sun.”

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