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Take It

By @robinson1979

Take It

You have let me down so many times I don’t want to think of you as a friend. 

She has holes in her walls that make her feel like that. 

Make her feel like a vein over poked by a heroin needle that doesn’t realize it because he overdosed so he keeps going and passes out in the bathroom.

He needs mouth to mouth by another man.

The man questions his sexuality for giving gay CPR.

It’s uncomfortable when you do this to her. 

She takes in the sound on her side and it does not feel good so stop. 

You don’t listen to me. 

You have to stop doing this because she is getting irritated you can tell.

She came by the house she knows which one it is and now she wants me to pick up the dresser. 

I want to go but I am watching what I DO RIGHT NOW since the car was stolen she will think it’s me instead the guy pelican pool guy or the guy that ***** his dog in the ass and drops off trash at her house. 

I don’t want to say his name he will just go up in some ones’ yard and take ****.

He wants to let you know he is sorry and the warrant isn’t good anymore they didn’t arrest him in time they have to arrest.

30 days to get it over otherwise they drop it in their mind. 

No he is not right about that. 

He has a warrant still and he will get arrested. 

Ok that was just a cop that noticed him. 

I don’t want to be in this so I want to go over and get it and then you stop. 

The person that does the voice in the wall won’t be around anymore if he keeps doing it. 

He actually lives with me and doesn’t stop when I ask and he won’t stop until it’s finished which is a person ******* out.

Gone with him and gone so he doesn’t realize them. 

Which is you. 

You are the one writing in and you need to know I am spot on it so I can finish it. 

You came over and showed your face so now I know which one is you. 

The person who wants me to finish it is a person that does not want to come out about it but it might be a female that is asking me to turn it off or it might be a male that is repetitious about your name.

Either he wants to fuck her or send her to the insanity ward.

He should go I think.

Yes he is totally ****** up.

They say to ask them to stop repeating the name over and over but they still continue.

They even get worse.

I don’t know exactly who does what because they change the frequency on it to trip me up so much. 

I can’t get a hold on the first person it just comes in and out and then I go ahead and do my actions. 

See they are repeating your name so much right now I know who it is and I want to not be able to realize them just like him. 

I think that is what may happen since they don’t know how repetitious they are and how annoying they are. 

They just want me to do something for them and I don’t want to they just ask and I do it because their voice floated in and I just start to do things because of it. 

You won’t be out from this.

 It’s my decision and I choose who.

 It will be the repetitious person.

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