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Switched Around: Everleigh’s Story

By @merabear17

Chapter 1

I’m Everleigh White; a fourteen honor roll student in Long Beach, California. There’s so much I didn’t know about my life until I was fourteen. It’s not easy being in my shoes. I´m lucky to even be alive! Everyone thinks I have a perfect life. All because my dad is the head of the Pepsi company, and because he makes like a lot of money. Like over a million in three years. It’s been inherited from my grandpa, my grandpa’s grandpa, his grandpa, and so on. But my life isn’t all as perfect as it seems. I got told disturbing news. I’m failing science class for “not enough effort” or whatever that is. But that wasn’t even the worst thing i’ve heard until I was told….. Just nevermind. I’ll tell you when I’m ready.. After gazing off into the dim light of the projector science class, I took my hand and raised it high to ask Mr. Mikole this important question: “May I use the bathroom?”. I wasn’t going to listen to the same stuff we learn over and over each year. I swear i’ve seen the same video for over three years. “Yes, hurry back. You don’t want to miss the next lesson.” “I won’t.” I whispered. Apparently he heard me a little, so he replied with, “Oh really Miss White? I guess you’ll like to join me after-” “No I’m ok.” I cut him off. I wanted to get out of the hobbit hole of a classroom I was in. I got up and a paper fell off my desk. It was a flyer for the Middle School Prom. I wanted to go but, not a lot of people like going. We have a mini prom for the last grade for their good effort at school. Or whatever stuff floats their boat to think. I looked back and stared at it too long apparently. “Miss White? Are you leaving or not?” He asked. He seemed irritated of how much I was distracting his class. What class was he even teaching? It was like half of the class was sleeping, the other fourth were texting, and the last fourth (the math geeks) were actually paying attention.


    “I’m leaving right now.” I responded, I was choking on my own words. Mr. Miller was the worst teacher i’ve ever met. You don’t want to be on his bad side, when you are you’re like gum on the bottom of his shoe. I finished walking out the door. The doorknob felt wet and cold, like when you didn’t finish washing your hands, and you touch a doorknob. Gross. I closed the door and saw my crush Lance Starr. Weird thing we has the same birthday as me. “Hey Everleigh. Do you have a science partner for the science fair?” He asked. I thought he was partners with Lexy Harp. His girlfriend. “Weren’t you partners with Lexy?” I held my breath, what was he going to say. My knees were shaking with fear of him being “single”. “Me and her- kinda broke up.” He said nice and slow. He seemed sad like as if she broke up with him. I didn’t want to ask him, because what happened because what if it triggers something? Like PTSD. I don’t want him stressed. “Sorry about you and Lexy. I’ve never seen you sad.” “Well she meant the world to me but she rather be with, Shawn Levine. Me and Lexy were perfect.” He wanted her to be with her forever. Well this isn’t a fairytale. He looked up at the light as if he was praying, and he looked cute in a way. His long sided blonde hair, his diamond blue eyes, and his soft peach skin.. I don’t think he likes girls like me. Ones with brown hair, green eyes, and tiny freckles. I tend to blush when I talk to him if i’m serious or not or even if he’s serious or not. “You’re looking for a new partner? In the science way not the love w- you get it.” I tend to say. He smiled and let out a little laugh, and so did I. “Yes, I was going to ask you, but if you don’t want to then-” “Yes i’ll do it!” I cut him off. “Ok, text me your idea or ideas.” He said as he smiled and walked away. He’s so cute. “I will!” I yelled. I just remembered, I’m supposed to be in the bathroom.

   I ran to the nearest bathroom which was on the second level at my school., one problem… I’m on the fifth. Uhhhh, I still ran like there was no tomorrow. My phone buzzed from a text from, Lance. I pulled out my phone while running not seeing what was in front of me. The text said, Hey Ev?. He’s never called me “Ev” before, so I started to blush. “He’s so sweet.” Someone said behind me, turns out it’s my bestfriend Vi. Her full name is Violet, but I call her Vi for short because Violet is kinda hard to remember (sometimes). “Oh hey, and he is! He called me Ev, EV!!” I yelled aloud. “Eeeeeee Hhh!!!” We both squealed. “What your you going to reply?” “I’m not to sure yet…” I paused, but as soon as I paused the bell rang for 5th period. Lunch. “Have him sit by you, or us.” Vi suggested. “Are you sure? What if he wanted to sit with Ethan, or Bryson, or Jaymes or-” “Girl chillax, they can sit by us too.” Vi cut me off. That did sound like a good idea, so I got my phone and texted Lance saying: Hey Lance, do you and your friends wanna sit by me and Vi at lunch? “Should I put an emoji?” I asked Vi. “Uh no you’ll sound to desperate, just send it.” I sent it with a knot in my stomach. “Sent!” I said. “We should head down to lunch.” Vi rushed to say. She seemed more excited than I was. Did he like me back? We ran again but not getting caught. We thought until: “Ladies you seem excited about lunch!” Ms. Lenry said. “You have no idea.” I said out of breath. We made it! “Hey girls.” Bryson and Ethan said. Ethan seemed nervous like he’ve never eaten with a girl or girls bef0re. Or anything of that matter.

    Sweet and innocent is what everyone thinks of Lexy Harp. Except for Lance, for that matter. She’s known as the popular one wh0 sucks at sports. The only way she got on the lacrosse team was because she batted her eyes at the coach who simply put her on the team. When she bats her eyes it like she puts everyone under a spell. “Omigod, it’s Lexy!” Someone yelled in the back of the lunch room. “Oh no.” I heard Bryson say. He said it like it was a officer arresting someone who did something illegal. “Move out the way dweebs your queen is here!” Lexy yelled. “I can’t believed you dated her Lance.” I told him. “Neither did I, she was super controlling and I had to be her little puppy, never once she say thank you.” Lance ranted on and on. In her “barbie” world she was the queen of it all. From lip gloss to Marc Jacobs purses. Shoot. She’s walking over here. I started to panic silently, so she didn’t see my nervousness… if that’s even a word. Sorry I’m also failing grammar. “Lancie!! Oh how I missed hugging you!” Lexy came over. She was so perky like a barbie doll with no mind. Why isn’t she realizing that she’s with Shane, and that Lance and her broke up? “Uh get off of me….” Lance said as he pushed Lexy off of him. I can see how irritated he was, and how jealous Lexy seemed. Was she thinking Lance and I were dating? It’s not a bad thing, is it? “Why Lancie? Oh- You and Evernee seem to be hanging out…” She paused. “It’s Everleigh and were not-” I tried saying but Lance cut me off by saying: “Yes, me and Everleigh are dating and we would like to be alone without friends. Right Ev?” I was shaking. What do I say? I took a pause and decided top say: “Yeah, me and Lance.” While pausing in between each word, I was cringing even more. “Sorry Evernee for getting your name wrong and congrats you two. Hope you like him.” Lexy said as she walked away laughing. “Woah! Your dating? Since when?” Vi said. I was just like Vi, weird and confused. Well that could because Vi had some leftover peanut butter left on her lip, that she tried licking off. “Were not but if anyone asks, we are it’s only to keep Lexy away.” Lance said with no hesitation. Lance seemed like he was hiding something that only Bryson and Ethan knows. Ethan whispered something to Bryson to make him laugh. One of those petty laughs that aren’t really that funny., but about Audrey and Taylor they are Lexy’s “minions”. The girls who starve themselves and wear colored bras with shirts that are see-thru. Audrey is always trying to be better than Taylor to be Lexy’s favorite. And don’t get me started about Taylor. She is the dumbest blonde I’ve ever met. I had to tell her three times what 4+2 was. (Its six if you didn’t know). The blonde nobody that is the school’s second hotty, next to Lexy (of course).

   School for the past few days have been hectic for me. Lexy has been giving me death stares but I thought Lance said us dating would keep her away. Audrey is starting to talk to me but, I think she’s spying on me. … Silence is what is in the air now between me and Lance. And as you can tell, I hate it. Coming home from school I flipped open my laptop, to facetime Vi. No internet connection. I read and just closed my laptop like it was nothing. I went to check the cable box but, saw my brother A.J. there first. I went down the stairs with a gut feeling for some reason. Does A.J. know something? “A.J. The internet’s out.” I told him. He turned around with an “I know” look on his face. “I know a lot more than that, Ev your dating Lance Star?” he asked me. I couldn’t tell him the truth he wouldn’t believe me. He would tell mom; or dad. I don’t look like anyone in my family. Everyone’s a blonde with blue eyes. Green and brunette don’t fall in that category. “Whaaaat, phhhhh, thats funny. Ha. Me dating Lance Starr, why would you think that?” I told him, and I can see he caught my bluff. “Ev, I don’t care. Your fourteen and young, this will happen.” He told me, but I couldn’t help but tell him: “When did you suddenly become my parent? And were not dating… it’s to just keep Lexy away.” I said softly and sad. “Uhhh you must be crushed!” A.J. told me. I admired how much he cared, even though he’s family. “Yeah kind of. But how did you find out anyway?” I asked. “Lexy posted it on twitter see: Lance Star and Everleigh White dating! Awww what a cute couple! #fingers crossed see?” He showed me. “Funny how she can spell my name right but not say it correctly.” I said stingy. I rolled my eyes and walked away. I walked towards my pantry, to get a snack… aka my secret stash of fruit roll ups. I opened the door, as I took in the old wood smell of the pantry door. I dig in the box to find it was empty. A.J. “Adam James! What the hell bro!!” I yelled. “Sorry for whatever I did this time.” He said as he tried to sound sincere. “My fruit roll ups? Where did they go?” I asked him with the empty box in one hand and my other hand on my hip. “I don’t know!” He said laughing. “They just didn’t disappear.” I replied. “They did… In my stomach.” He said as he got up. “I knew it, you jerk!” As I ran to chase him. In the middle of chasing him I grabbed on of my mom’s high heels to threaten him in a way. Fourteen vs sixteen. How petty. My foot hit the “important box” that mom tells us not to go in. It knocks down and all the files and folders fall out. ****. “Mom’s gonna kill us!” I yelled at A.J. “Have you ever wondered what is inside?” He asked. It seemed tempting, but I was curious to know. What was inside? Video tapes? Old cameras? Baby books? Photo albums? I wanted to know what was inside for awhile. “Yeah. But what if we get in trouble? I can’t risk getting in trouble for life.” I told him. What was going on in his head? How frickin crazy is he? I still wanted to know what was in the box though. “Just for a sec Ev, that’s it.” A.J. doesn’t care about getting in trouble, he’s a straight up savage. I’ll never want to be him or ever be him. I ended giving in, and what I saw was unbelievable. MY BIRTH CERTIFICATE. I’ve never seen it… and it said LANCE’S NAME ON IT. “Lance?” I said out loud. Was he their son? That couldn’t be… can it? Is that why i’m the only brunette? Is my real last name Star? “I’m not their daughter? When was mom and dad going to tell me?” I asked A.J. “You were kind of- switched at- birth.” A.J. said slow. “And you knew!?” I yelled. Tears in my eyes started to form. I haven’t cried in six years, literally I’ve been counting. Fourteen years for lies. I threw the paper and ran upstairs, as A.j. quickly put the papers back and the box too.

  There goes my childhood. Me and Lance were switched at birth? Would it ever be weird to see him, or date him? Too many questions. How do I tell mom and dad I went threw the box? But they couldn’t tell me that I’m not their REAL daughter. They wanted a son obviously. Does Lance know? What would my name really be? Emily? Emma? Erma? I don’t care anymore. Too much stress. It’s hard to see myself as Everleigh Star and Lance as Lance White. It almost made me cringe and cry: crynge I didn’t cry, well not at first. But I felt abandoned. But the forming tears started to drip down my cheek. It was slow and was very cold. Like my heart felt. The questions over crowded my brain. It hurt and I just bursted. I grabbed my picture of me and my parents and smashed it on the floor. Broken glass and guilt everywhere. I grabbed a extra sharp piece of glass and cut myself one **** at a time. Blood dripped on my wood floor. I want to die. I repeated over and over to myself. A.J. came running upstairs after hearing the picture frame drop. ¨EVERLEIGH! STOP.¨ A.J. yelled. He cared, he didn’t want me to kill myself. Blood covered my arm and dripped all over the floor. The room got dark, next thing I knew I was on the floor barely breathing, and A.J. crying. ¨EVERLEIGH, oh my god this is all my fault.¨ A.J. said. He pumped my chest, to let in some oxygen. The blood dripped and dripped all over my clothes, and A.J.’s too. “Don’t worry Ev, I’ll save you.” He told my unbreathing body. I was dying. He ran downstairs fast as lighting to grab his phone. He dialed 911.. He looked at me and started back at his phone over and over. He put the phone up to his ear and this was the conversation: A.J.: Hello? Police!?! 911 Operator: Yes hello, 911 what’s your emergency? A.J.: I think my sister committed suicide! Come quick, she’s dying. 911 Operator: Okay sir, just stay calm an ambulance and the police are on their way. So what happened? A.J.: My sister ran upstairs and broke her picture frame. It looks like she took some glass and cut herself, she lost a lot of blood. Please help her. A.J. was scared, it´s not like he knows what to do. Me suicide? What was i thinking? I haven’t had a clue. Was it a dream? Or a wacky thought? I couldn’t tell. 911 Operator: How old is your sister? A.J.: Fourteen, she’s an honor roll student. I don’t know why she did it. For once I actually agreed with A.J., why would I do it?


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