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Sweet as Candy: A Novel in Verse

By @Madison


I sit still

Legs pulled up to my chest

Alone in the silence.

Oddly enough

I don’t feel like I was the harsh one

In that situation.


If Todd is going to be hurt by someone

He makes **** sure

That the other person feels it, too.

Well, in this case

He has succeeded

Much to my surprise.

If I were a normal girl

Who had just ended a normal teenage relationship 

I might be crying right now.


I do my best to shrug it off

Picking my phone back up.

The sting goes mostly numb

When I find that I have a text message 

From Bambi himself. 

Though breaking up with one guy

Then immediately talking to another 

Should make me feel dirty

I can’t help but smile

Upon reading Levi’s text.

Just checking in. Did everything go okay?

Lying back against my pillows

I type a reply.

Somewhat. My aunt knows now.

Not long after I send it

He responds.

How did she take it?

I think about this.

How much detail should I give him

Especially over text message?

Finally, I jump the gun

Giving him the vaguest truth possible.

Alright. We’ve got a lot to think about, though.

About a minute later 

My phone chimes again.

I figured. Good luck.

I smile.

I have to admit

Levi’s well wishes do make me feel a bit better

Even if he has no idea what he’s talking about.


Without my noticing

Drowsiness seems to have crept in.

My eyelids are heavy

As I glance toward the clock.

Ten already. 

Considering how early I woke up

And what a tiring day I’ve had

I figure that turning in now wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

But first, I bid adieu to Levi.

I should probably be getting to bed. Goodnight.

I get up

Brush my teeth

Wash my face

And put on some pajamas.

When I return

Levi has responded

Dependable as ever.

Sweet dreams.

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