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Sweet as Candy: A Novel in Verse

By @Madison

This poem has a double entendre at the end

Levi freezes.

Apparently, he’s gotten more than he bargained for.

We stand on the doorstep

Stalled in awkwardness.

Of course

A healthy dose of fear

Regarding what might happen if Izzy pulled up right now

Inspires me enough to break my silence.

”Are you alright?” I question.

Levi snaps out of his trance

Only to reach up and run a hand through his hair

A sure sign of stress.

Right now

Levi is quite obviously a deer in the headlights

And I am the reckless driver

Barreling towards him at 100 MPH.

Despite how totally transparent he is

It’s pretty clear that Levi doesn’t want me to know about his distress.

So he does what a good guy should do

And lies to me.

”I’m fine,” he assures me.

”I just…”

Unable to slam on brakes

I open my big fat mouth

And finish for him.

”You didn’t expect me to still be knocked up?”



Impact delivered.

Though I just hit him head on

Levi somehow manages to quickly find his footing

And stand back up again.

”Yeah. I guess that kinda was what I assumed.”

Though he’s back on his feet

For some reason

He doesn’t opt to run

Back to the safety of the forest.

He just keeps staring at me instead


Impatient with my commute

I push forward.

”Do you still want to come inside?”

Though that snaps him out of it

He still doesn’t dash.

What’s wrong with him?

He must be rabid.

”Of course,” he says.

”Why wouldn’t I?”

Bewildered by his absolute sainthood

I let out an unflattering snort.

”Don’t know,” I reply.

”Maybe because you know there’s absolutely no chance of this being a booty call?”

Already halfway through the door

Levi whips around to face me.

His wide brown eyes make it clear

That he’s all Bambi

And no Big Bad Wolf.

”Don’t ever say the words ‘booty call’ in my presence again.”

I laugh

Following him through the doorway.

As odd as the circumstances may be

I know when he only offer to move toward the kitchen table

That Levi DeLuca

Just might be someone

I hold dear to me.

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