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Sweet as Candy: A Novel in Verse

By @Madison


“I can’t do this.”

The nurse is nice

Apparently, she has been trained for this occasion.

She pats my arm soothingly


“That’s alright, sweetheart,” she says.

“Just wait here a second, okay?”

Then she disappears around a corner

Leaving me alone

Chest heaving

Spots swimming before my eyes.

I focus on the mask that they were supposed to put over my face

Wonder what inspired me to turn it all around now

And what I’ll do from here.

The nurse emerges again

And hands me a small cup of water.

With shaking hands

I take it

Practically swallow it all in one gulp.

The nurse watches me

Takes the cup when I’m done.

“Do you want me to call your mother?” she asks.

My heart speeds up once again

At the thought of Izzy.

I shake my head fervently

Knowing I’ll put off explaining myself

For as long as I possibly can.

Knowing I can’t tell the nurse this

I fashion a lie.

“I’ll call her,” I say.

“Can you let me step outside for a bit?”

Though her eyes are doubtful

She nods.

“If you think you can,” she says.

“Just call me if you need anything.”

I give her a weak smile

Knowing as I stand up on shaking legs

That I’m more thankful for this woman

Than I’ve been for anyone in a long time.

“I will.”

It’s only when I step back into the waiting room

That I have to come up with a plan

And fast.

As Snow White gives me a questioning glance

I try to think of ways I can get out of here.

Considering that no procedure actually occured

I would be perfectly mobile

Free to walk down the street

And go hitchhiking.

I quickly rule this option out

Knowing that

Should the situation end in robbery or murder

I would be in even bigger trouble.

There was also Alex

Who would be free at this point

Considering it’s the weekend.

Of course

I could just as well call Izzy

Considering how quickly things pass between the grapevine of the two of them

Especially when the hot new gossip

Involves me.

A taxi would be easy

But, considering how dizzy I am

I don’t necessarily feel like standing out in the sweltering heat

And waving one down.

Judging by the many cons of my choices

It would seem that I’m royally screwed.

That is

Until I remember a little slip of paper

In my purse.

I sit back down in one of the plastic chairs

And dig it from the bottom of my bag.

I read each number

Type them into my phone

Before pressing the call button.

I finally feel the good luck that someone must have given me

When he answers on the second ring.

“Hey Levi,” I start.

“Can I ask you a gigantic favor?”

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