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Sweet as Candy: A Novel in Verse

By @Madison


The first thing I notice when I walk through the door of the clinic

Is just how cold it is inside.

The entire waiting room is lined with fans

Causing chill bumps to rise on my arms.

I hug myself for warmth

As I walk to the reception desk.

The woman behind the desk looks up at me.

In an odd way

She reminds me of the librarian who gave me permission to use the computer a few weeks ago.

She’s middle aged

With short black curls

And purple cat eye glasses.

When she opens her mouth to speak

Her voice reminds me of Snow White.

“Name?” she requests.

“Candace Noble,” I reply.

She hums in response

Turning toward her computer

And tapping at the keys.

Finally, she nods

Motioning towards the row of plastic chairs lining the wall.

“Have a seat,” she says.

“They’ll call you in a moment.”

I obey without a word

Taking a seat between a girl about my age

Who, despite the tan of the rest of her skin

Has gone completely white in the face

And a blonde twenty-something

Who hardly looks bothered

As she flips the pages of a Cosmopolitan magazine.

Knowing that any attempt to distract myself would be futile

I sit with my arms crossed

And my purse in my lap

As I watched people file in and out of the waiting room.

The blonde woman next to me gets called

Only to return about ten minutes later

With a confident gait

And a paper bag in her hand.

Watching her leave

I know that she isn’t here for the same reason I am.


People still pay attention to the part of the name

That talks about planning. 

I envy her

As the door shuts behind her.

The ghostly pale girl goes next

Just as another girl comes out

Leaning into her boyfriend for support.

I send silent well wishes to both of them

As two more doors close.

A few more minutes pass

Before I’m reminded of who I am

And why I’m here.

“Noble, Candace?”

I stand up

And make my way toward the door.

I hope that someone wishes me good luck.

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