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Sweet as Candy: A Novel in Verse

By @Madison


There was no imminent sense of danger

The day that my life was so irrevocably changed

At least, not one that I could see.

I was a child, after all.

Innocent, ignorant

Sweetly naive.

There was no reason for me to take notice of Mommy’s frown

When we went to McDonald’s for burgers and shakes before our grocery run.

I still got my strawberry soft serve and salty fries to dip in it

So who was I to complain if she seemed to be in a rotten mood?

I was still the little girl she loved so much

Who sang “Old McDonald” at the top of her lungs as we headed down the road

Talking a mile a minute about my adventures at daycare as we perused aisles of cookies and crackers.

I was her baby girl, and she’d forgive me of anything

Because that was what Mommies were supposed to do.

She wouldn’t mind too much if I was a bit too loud when she had a headache

Or made a mess with my milkshake in the passenger seat of her car


Because Mommies and Daddies love their kids too much to get upset over silly little things

And, since it was just Mommy and me

She must have held all the love and forgiveness in the world


‘Cause all we had was each other

And love always wins in a fight with that big scary monster called loneliness


Because Mommies and Daddies love their baby girls and boys

And they never stay mad for long

And they never stop loving and forgiving and protecting

And love always wins


Well, let’s just say

I learned the hard way

That Mommies aren’t always patient and loving.


You overstep the thinnest line

And go a whole foot past your boundaries.


You say one word too many

And when you want Mommy’s hand in yours

It comes down hard against your cheek


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