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Sweet as Candy: A Novel in Verse

By @Madison


It’s clear that Izzy harbors no hard feelings for my reluctance to stay for the cookout yesterday.

My presence in the kitchen on the afternoon of the fourth appears to fill her with delight.

So much, in fact

That when Alex attempts to help us

She waves him off.

“Me and Candace have the food under control, babe,” she says.

“You should go ahead and fire up the grill.”

After he goes outside to do just that

Izzy looks up to give me a sly smile.

“So,” she says.

“Have you told Leslie that you aren’t coming?”

I briefly wonder who Leslie is before I realize she’s talking about Levi.

I shake my head.

“I don’t think he cares,” I say.

“He’ll be with his friends from school anyway.”


To my surprise, she looks oddly disappointed.

She adjusts the foil around the lid of a bowl before continuing to press about my dating life.

“Did something happen between you and Todd? He hasn’t been calling lately.”

I try to swallow my nerves at this question as I craft my answer.

The real reason Todd hasn’t been around as of late is because he finally figured out that I’m withholding ***

But I can’t exactly tell Izzy that without risking seeing her pass out

So I simply shrug.

“We just aren’t compatible anymore, I guess.”

She buys this answer without an issue

Shaking her head and clucking her tongue in mock disappointment.

“That happens a lot when you’re young, unfortunately.”

She turns to make eye contact with me, wide brown irises gleaming.

“Though I don’t think he was all that good for you, anyway.”

Before I can stew in the guilt that accompanies that statement

She requests I hold the door open for her to take the food to the porch.

I obey

And solemnly swear to myself

That I will have an appointment by next weekend.

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