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Sweet as Candy: A Novel in Verse

By @Madison

Just in Case

Before bed that night

I ponder calling Levi to tell him that I won’t be attending the potluck.

I have his number typed into the dial pad as I consider this.

The uncharacteristically cautious part of me worries this might be seen as overkill

Especially considering I had already told him that I had plans

And he had acknowledged the fact that we didn’t really know each other anyway.

He had probably asked me as an afterthought in the first place

Since it seemed highly unlikely that he’d deliberately try and track me down at the grocery store the weekend before the party.

All in all

Levi DeLuca would probably be perfectly content to attend his Fourth of July potluck without my accompaniment

Nor prior warning of my absence.

Even after I had decided this, however

Something made me slide his number into a pocket on my purse

Just in case.

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