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Sweet as Candy: A Novel in Verse

By @Madison


Things change around the second week of June

When fear sets in.

Usually, the peace of my vacation would be interrupted by my period

Around this time.

However, Aunt Flo has yet to make her arrival.

For a while, this adds to my bliss.

Going without cramps, mood swings, and pimples for a few more days

Is fine by me.

However, I get a bit uneasy as the days pass

And signs of me starting soon

Are nonexistant.

Having been familiar with this routine since I was eleven

I’m usually not insanely late.

Considering my recent track record with Todd

There might be reason for me to be concerned.

Except, I shouldn’t worry too much.

My mom was the unfortunate one when it came to getting pregnant as a teenager

And I’ve always figured that history wasn’t cruel enough to repeat itself.


I’m only a few days late

And stress will probably just make me later.

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