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Sweet as Candy: A Novel in Verse

By @Madison


So I waited

And freedom came to me the next week

With the coming of a B+ grade

And the seniors’ graduation.

I watched from the sidelines for that last part

Knowing I wouldn’t make that walk until next year.

There was a small stab of envy, I’ll admit

As I watched them parade into the school parking lot in their baggy white gowns

Laughing and crying as they threw their caps into the air

At the cue of parents’ and photographers’ snapping cameras.

It was obvious that their freedom was much more long-lasting than mine

As they drove full-speed toward their destinies

Eventually stopping at a two-way street

One path a shortcut to adulthood

Advising to stop worrying about cashing in on their acceptance letters, if they have any

And take a job waiting tables or dialing random phone numbers behind a desk

Footloose and academic-free.

The other road, long and winding

Leading towards the promise of healing, reporting

Preaching or teaching

As long as you’re willing to put yourself through another four to eight years

Of being under a few professors’ thumbs.

As dizzying as it was

I wouldn’t find myself on that street just yet

Still too young and inexperienced to make that call.

Todd stood beside me as we watched

Obviously not sharing my sentiment.

The vacant look on his face made it clear

He wasn’t planning on making it as far as the upperclassmen in front of us.

Silently, I make a bet with myself

That he’ll probably drop out by the end of next years’ first semester.

Once the seniors pile into the limos the school provided

The spectators begin to clear out.

Todd yawns and loops an arm around my waist.

“Well, that was nice,” he says.

“But Ryan Moses’ party tonight will probably be a lot more fun. Wanna go?”

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