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By @LilyRavenclaw


What is the difference between self-preservation and survival? In many cases there is no difference. In others, they are distinguishable, but they coincide. In many cases people hardly have reason to survive except to preserve themselves. And in still other cases they are mutually exclusive.

 I know what you’re thinking.

Where? Where, dear author, would survival and self-preservation be both undauntingly pursued while being all the while mutually exclusive. How would—NO—how could one pursue self-preservation to survive and not be motivated to preserve themselves?

Allow me, dear reader, to invite you into the journey of a Mrs. Teagarden and you will see. Her journey is far from easy or simple or predictable or expected. Her story is full of hardship, betrayal, strength, and perseverance. Don’t let her name fool you. Although she may sound sweet and gentle and undoubtedly can be when it is required of her, she is nothing short of fierce and more often comparable to a lioness than the dainty flowers in a garden or the soft fingers of those who sip tea every morning. Now, whether it be because of her aggressive and straightforward nature when it comes to her opinions, her quickness to defend those dear to her at all costs, or simply her physical agility, you may have to decide for yourself. In any case, you’ll see what I mean.



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