Sun Water

By @laurennicole
Sun Water

Poem/Song about figuring out who you are.

Chapter 1

Who am I?

Plants grow from seeds

Seeds come from plants 

Water is needed 

To grow 

I don’t understand

Am I a sunflower?

Am I an apple tree?

I don’t know

All I know

Is that I need some sun

I need some sun water

To grow

Plants grow from seeds

Seeds come from plants

What kind of plant are you?

Do you know who I am?

I cant understand

Am I a daffodil?

Are you a lemon tree?

Please let me know

Wheres the water at?

When will the sun come out?

What kind of trees are we?

I think I know

I have grown

The water is flowing

The sun is shining bright

I am a cherry tree

Who are you?

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