Summer's Sun

By @foxyloxy007

Summer's Sun

By @foxyloxy007

Chapter 1

Addison tries on new clothes with Miranda,

Maya sits next to me, holding her phone,

and my hand

It’s just how she is,

All is well.

A fervent sun says good morning to us,

As she rises high above the horizon.

All is well.

The early morning sprinklers chatter,

The highway echoes throughout the city.

On the road with my Homies,

Wind whipping through the open windows

And music blaring from the stereo.

If only this looming change didn’t hang over us

Like circling vultures.

The daunting light of this everlasting sunset descends peacefully through the blinds,

Stripes of light and dark cover the room.

The quiet buzz of Miranda’s fish tank,

The distant sound of her mom’s tv.

All is well,

When all is the same.

Again, we are found by the impending change.

Changing schools,


Ballerinas of smoke dance through the air,

As the thoughts in our head.

My words don’t rhyme,

Our jokes don’t make sense.

All is well.

I look around at the people I love,

Chosen family

I tell myself.

It seems like this could last forever,

I hope.

My homies and I,

We ride for our Homies,

And we’d die for our Homies.

We lie on the trampoline, late in the night, watching the stars,

Still haunted by the change hanging over us.

It’s hard to look past the future.

Reassured by the company

Of this chosen family.

Separation has no sting,

And love hath no bound.

Across the country,

No biggy,

I love my friends,

All is well.

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