Summer's End

By @Aethelora

Summer's End

By @Aethelora

My entry for the end-of-Summer contest. -- A freshman on his first day of school after being homeschooled for the last two years due to a disease doesn't have the best of day, if only it was summer again. There is always hope however.

Chapter 1


It was the first day at Louisville High School for freshman Airen, throughout his middle school he was homeschool due to fighting an immune disease that left him nearly bedridden. Without the necessary social skills most kids gain through their middle school years it left him anxiety-ridden and this school was huge with a student body of nearly fourteen hundred. His mother’s words still rang in his head, ” you’ll be fine, bud! I know this is scary for you but you’ll be okay. You’re better and you won that fight, you can win anything now.” His mother wasn’t wrong, he didn’t think she was right either, however.

The bell rung for the school’s first period and immediately students started rushing like they were trying to create a tornado around Airen, going from one side of the building to the next, up and down flights of stairs and disappearing into classrooms until he was the last kid in the halls. He looked down at his hastily written schedule his mother had made him that morning. His first class was in room 264, but he wasn’t quite sure where that was. One of the teachers that didn’t teach this period walked in so he could get ready for his teaching sessions for 2nd and caught Airen standing confused and upset at his schedule. ” I haven’t seen you here before, is this your first day, son?” The teacher, a middle-aged man with dark brown hair stood behind him and outstretched a hand to place on his shoulder.

Airen couldn’t respond besides a quick and simple nod, tears welling in his eyes. “What class do you have. .?” He trailed off waiting to hear what the kid’s name was.

“Biology in 264. I-I’m Airen.” At this point, he was shaking, trying all his might to not shed a tear.

“Well here I’ll take you, I’m in 266 so you’ll be heading in my direction.” The teacher began off in the direction of their classrooms and Airen had to shove the schedule in his pocket and pick up a light jog to catch up which left his heart beating harder than it should’ve.

The next two periods went smoother, the teacher from the last period helped him get to his next, and by lunch he had started feeling better about the school. There was still a lot of kids, and a lot of them he didn’t think he was going to like, but it was only the first day and like his mother said he wouldn’t be used to it right at first.

When lunch hit and his new U.S. History teacher had directed him to the cafeteria and wished him good luck on the rest of his day he had plopped down with a tray of what looked like slop. The food besides the chocolate milk he had grabbed was tasteless for the most part and he began zoning out, phone in hand trying to text his friends from a few states away he had met over the summer through his video games. He was so enthralled with his conversation and his chocolate milk he hadn’t even realized the beginnings of a food fight until a whole tomato had splattered across his face making him cry out!

The tomato made him snap back into reality and where he was, kids screaming of all high school ages throwing their trays across the cafeteria. He tucked his phone in his pants pocket and tried to get out of the cafeteria without anymore harm coming to his person, and when he finally did he threw himself into the male bathroom and slid down the tiled wall until he had been seated hugging his knees.

He sat there until the bell had rung for lunch to be over, tomato still on his face. His heart pounded in his chest and tears stained his cheeks all-while his hands shook. He managed to pull his phone from his pocket and send a text to his mother.

Be home in a few, today isn’t the day.

Sorry, mom.

He turned his phone on mute, shoved it in his pocket and snuck out of the restroom. He kept to himself and made his way through the halls until he was out the front doors and took off. His phone buzzed in his pocket, his mother.

It’s okay, sweetheart. I’ll be there to pick you up in five.

Airen sat on the curb in front of the massive school and waited for his mother to pull up to pick him up. Today wasn’t the day, but maybe tomorrow will be.

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