By @ShanikiSmith


By @ShanikiSmith

We all know what it says in the bible when it come to revenge If you had a chance to live your life a second time around. Would you move on to the new life that God has bless you with.? Or would you seek revenge and risk a long trip to burn entirely, in hell,,,

Chapter 1

Loving him was hard

but not hard often for me to

let me go and for him to move on

I must of woke up

as someone else or could possible be

With ness my own death

Or did I fall down and bump my head

I know my heart hurts like

hell when I saw him with her

There I stood in my own house

standing in my bedroom looking at my

boyfriend cuddle in the arms of his ex-girlfriend

 with the same tattoo on her right arm

I touch myself to see if it was real

and then screamed in disbelief

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