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Suicide Awareness in Teens: Poems

By @NyratOcnarFiD310748

It's Fine

It’s fine

I hear it all the time

“You look fine. Don’t worry”

“It’s fine. don’t worry about it.”

“5 pounds more is fine. Stop worrying so much”

I say it all the time

“It’s fine”

“I’m fine”

“Everything’s fine” 

Everything around me seems to be fine

So if I go, it’s fine, right?

I can leave

No one will care

I’ll be fine

Everyone will still be fine

Everything will still be fine

Life will go on 

“She’s gone, don’t worry about it”

“She’s gone, stop worrying so much about her”

“She’s gone. It’s fine”

Is what they’ll say

No one cares enough now to stop and ask

“Are you ok?”

“Do you need anything”

If they don’t care that much when I’m here

They won’t care that much when I’m gone

Everything will be better

Maybe instead of fine

People will be good

Because it’s my fault 

It’s my fault no one cares anymore 

So I think I am going to go tomorrow

But don’t worry

I’ll be fine.

It’s fine

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