-Suicide attempt-

By @HanyouK

-Suicide attempt-

By @HanyouK

this is a short story that i wrote for nano this year.

Chapter 1

Tears run down your cheeks as you slam your door heading to your dresser, your eyes come into contact with the reflection in the mirror that sits atop the chest of drawers, showing the fresh bruise that covers your left eye and swollen cheek. The abusive, hurtful words still run through your head as you stare into the polished glass. A thought forms in the back of your mind, One that you have experienced many times in the past and you reach into the drawer to find your old friend.

A small smile slides across your lips as your fingers find the sharp edge of the old blade that you keep hidden there. You pull the blade from the drawer and eye it over seeing the flakes of rust and dried blood from years of use. After a moments hesitation you slide across the room to sit at your desk. A quick motion draws the blade across your wrist opening yet another cut that will soon scar just like the rest. A slight twinge of pain floods your mind then a moment of relief as the crimson liquid slowly drips from the now open slit in your flesh. A panic washes over you as more blood than you anticipated seeps from the fresh gash, To much blood you think as you begin to feel groggy, the crimson liquid flows from your wrist pooling on your desk and slowly trickling to the floor. A motion from just out of the corner of your eye catches your attention and you try to turn your head to see what had moved.

Darkness flows around the room as if it was water, swirling and seething it fills every corner of the rather large in-closer. A soft sound emanates through the space as the mass of ebon begins to vibrate. The sound continues for a while and slowly intensifies until it is a constant hum. As the sound reverberates through the dankness a mass begins to form from the shadows as they coalesces and form together.

The motion and sound intensifies becoming to much for your ears to handle. The razor blade hits the table top almost silent against the sound of the murk as you push your hands against your head attempting to block the sound from entering your ears. Your eyes squeeze tight in reaction to the pain that you are experiencing. Before your eyes fully close you see something quite odd. A pail white hand reaches from the darkness and slowly moves towards you.

Utterly terrified you try to move but find that you cannot, the darkness that surrounds you holds a form that keeps you pinned in place. The hand finally reaches you and rests against the crown of your head. As the pail white flesh of the ghostly hand touches you a calmness seems to float over you.

“Do not worry child there is nothing to fear. . . yet”

A soft voice flows through the mass of darkness seeming to calm the noise of the shadows.

“You have doubted yourself and hurt yourself in attempt to end the troubles that you are facing, You have chosen to believe what they say to you and about you. And you have decided to end your life.”

The voice seemed aggravated as it spoke to you, causing a wave of fear to wash over you.

“This is what awaits you after this life my child. This darkness is but a small piece of what came before creation. It is called the Void. It is everlasting and never ceasing. The feeling that you are experiencing now is only a fraction of what you will experience in the true void. Is this what you yearn for young one?”

The voice fills your head shaking you to your soul. And filling your entire being with heart wrenching Dread. Your hands slowly fall to your sides showing the scars that crisscross your wrists

“Is this what you want child?”

The voice inquires as the rest of its body appears, A tall man with skin almost as white as snow dressed in what you can only describe as a flowing robe, seeming to have been woven from his dark hair steps into your view.

“I will let you go this time child.”

He says with a somewhat harsh tone.

“However if i find you in this situation again. . .

The voice fades away taking the man and the darkness with it leaving you sit in your room with many things to think about.


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