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Sugar and Eyes and Everything Nice

By @Maxine





You stare blankly at a wall, your eyes are as white as snow. No pupils, no iris- just… blank. But behind those eyes is something much darker. Much scarier than anyone or anything could imagine. A new world of which should not have been created. What is this world you ask? Well, let me tell you a few things about it.

  1. There are no humans. Just creatures
  2. Those creatures- they don’t eat food. They eat… you.
  3. Time is just a rumor. No one knows if it exists. 
  4. The creatures are everywhere… but for some reason, you can’t seem to find any! 
  5. There’s really only one building that you know of. An abandoned hospital.
  6. Everywhere outside of the hospital grounds, is a never-ending forest.
  7. The never-ending forest has eyes looking down at you.
  8. Those eyes do like to feast on you as well. (You try to avoid the forest.)
  9. Sometimes, that world becomes your real-life world too. 
  10. Lastly… You can get stuck here, but luckily you haven’t yet, but you know it’s coming.

Most people don’t understand what this means for you. To be honest, you barely do either. All you know is that it is bad. That it can kill you. Your psychiatrist says it’s schizophrenia, but you know it’s not. You start to laugh… or maybe cry. You can’t tell the difference anymore. 

Sitting in your little room, you rock back and forth in pain. The eyes are starting to feast on you. It hurts, but for some sick reason, you like it. You can finally feel something. 

“Dinner time!” A voice calls out. “I made your favorite, shrimp ramen!”

You stand up in pain. You clumsily waltz out of the room, barely able to use your legs, but ramen gives you enough motivation to leave your room.

After dinner, you stop feeling the pain. You start to feel… happy? 

 You are able to walk, so you walk back upstairs to your bathroom. You look around your bathroom but there is nothing there. No toothbrush. No toothpaste. No towels. Nothing. You are confused, but assume that you just took everything from your bathroom and threw it into the trash. That’s one of your worst habits. 

You sit in your bathroom until you are too tired to move. You fall to the ground, hitting your head against the countertop as you do so. You fall asleep. 

You wake up. Everything looks like it did in your head, but this time, you’re in your head. 




You wake up, lying on a bed.

As you begin to taste blood, beeping fills the room. You look around. Everything is old, needles are rusty, and the floors are covered in blood. Mold and some probably poisonous mushrooms are growing in between the mint green tiles. The mold smells of alcohol. The bed you’re lying on is covered in dirt, blood, and vomit. The sheets of the bed feel like sandpaper. The window above your head is broken, but something tried to tape it back together. Medicine is spilled everywhere. The air is so foggy you can barely see the walls of the room you’re in.

As a putrid smell of cigarette smoke and rotting food fills the air, you realize you’re in the hospital, lying on a bed.

 You stand up, feeling better than ever! You are so happy. Nothing hurts. You run up to the door, which you can barely find due to the smoke and fog. After stumbling out, you run through the blood-drenched hallways. The white lights are flickering like a candle. It smells of metal throughout the building. As you finally see a door, you go through it, leading you to a grassy field. Looking around, you see a cute, colorful neighborhood that smells of sweets, filled with people, real people! You run over to it, only to realize those “people” were made of candies.


You feel eyes watching your every move. 



Oops… You stepped on one… Well, more than one- eight, to be exact… 

The candied people rush after you. You try to run, but the sugary shards pierce your feet with every step. You fall to the ground in excruciating pain. Covered in blood, the people pick you up. They lead your bruised, bloodied body to a bathroom, where they proceed to scrape you. You can do nothing to fight back. They then run out of the bathroom, and while they do, you see the word “☺doctor☺” Written in a cute pink and green font.

You’re too hurt to move. You feel sick to your stomach, you have a terrible headache, and every bone in your body is broken. 

Because lying on the ground is all you can do, you look everywhere. On the ceiling lies a poem written in pretty ink. 

Candy is so good

I’d eat it for every meal

Sweetness stabbing me

Then lies the word “candy” over and over until the ceiling meets the wall. That’s enough looking for you. You close your eyes and wish that you were in a comfy bed. You start to pass out…

After a few hours, you wake up. Only you’re not in your bed. The only thing you see is a white room. All white, nothing else there, although, near the corner of the room is a desk. You walk over to the desk, curious. It reads: 

This is not real. What is real? Are you real? Is this a dream? Help. You are a lie. Leave now. They’re coming. The eye eaters. They’re coming. 

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