By @FlowerswordBrigitte

Neptune and Marcel got the most of the world against them just for what they were born as but they stay the together no matter what. Or will they?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 The sweet beginning

Deep in the forest was a young man, running away from a scary beast; long, dark black hair swaying in the wind, his bright purple eyes filled with fear. The boy wore a light purple sweater, his star necklace which swung left and right as he ran, dark green shorts, long brown boots and his prized possession – his straw hat with a purple ribbon around it.

The teenager kept on running and running until he saw a tall blond-haired man and decided to hide behind his right leg, clinging to it. “Marcel-nii!! Help me! It wants to kill me!” he shrieked in fear.

The man named ‘Marcel’ spoke calmly. “Neptune-san, I think Fly-kun just wants to be friends.” The beast…was…a…fly… The fly somehow winked and let a fourth-wall-breaking heart out.

Screaming like a little girl, Neptune begged Marcel to kill the fly. Sighing, Marcel burned the fly with his hand, navy blue flames making a small burst at his fingertips. When Neptune saw the beautiful fire, he started to relax. He was remembering something sweet.

‘Marcel-nii!! Where are you?!’ cried a scared little Neptune.

Lighting a gentle flame with his finger, Marcel revealed himself. ‘I’m here, Neptune-san! Don’t worry, I wasn’t gone; I was right here. Just go back to sleep. Okay?’ The two soon fell asleep snuggling.

“Neptune-san, wake up! Or else I’m gonna eat all of today’s hunt!” Marcel teased with a grin, knowing Neptune wouldn’t pass up food.

“Don’t you dare eat all of it, you monster!!” They played for a bit but still ate.

“Y’know, I got today’s news paper, they upped your bounty again, Neptune-san.”

“Oh oh oh! How much now?”

“67,020,000 pells.”

“I got a 15 mil raise! Destroying that rich ******** house was worth it. Who was he again? The mayor?” Neptune asked.

“Yeah, he was,” answered Marcel while sipping self-made tea.

The teen cheered his victory with a quiet ‘yes!’. “So, what should we practice today, Marcel?”

“I propose…flying claw attacks.”

Neptune booed. “We did that 2 days ago!”

“You need to practice it, otherwise you’ll miss. I don’t wanna clean your mess up again, straw-hatted brat.”

“But I don’t make a mess, birdbrain!”

“Yes, you do!”

“Do not!”

“You do!”

“Do NOT!”

“YOU DO! End of discussion.”

“Fine,” he grumbled, turning into a purple cat with a few light purple stripes and a star on his belly.

“Okay, aim at the tree west of you.” Marcel held up a compass to see if Neptune would face the correct way. The teen used his senses to see where west was.

Claw traces flew to the tree…and he hit it! Well, kinda. He missed a little bit.

“Good job, Neptune-san! You hit the tree! Just a little bit more and you would’ve hit it dead on.”

Neptune blushed from the compliment. “I-it’s n-no big d-deal. Heh..heh…heh”

They gave it another shot for a few hours.

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