Strange Formula's and Judgmental Tattoos

By @papercastles92

Strange Formula's and Judgmental Tattoos

By @papercastles92

This is my entry for the End of summer writing contest. The prompt I chose was "I think my tattoo is haunted". My story is about a high school baseball player who meets an Alchemist his age with strange eye tattoos on his knuckles. Though these tattoos don't seem or feel normal.

Chapter 1

One fateful day, a Baseball player and an Alchemist crossed paths. The stars aligned and the universe couldn’t figure out what to do with itself.

It became a daily routine for sixteen year old Lucas Oakley. Everyday after baseball practice, he would ride his bike to his “part-time job”. Lucas, stood at 6’2, an average athlete and constantly contemplating on the future ex girlfriend called life. Ivanbriar, Virginia, his home and his purgatory. A month ago his purgatory was…invaded, by a boy.

Adam Silverman, an Alchemist, a magical scientist. On the first day back to school from an uneventful summer, a boy on a flying broomstick skidded across the school courtyard and stopped inches in front of the towering Lucas. Adam, who had white hair and dark skin, stood at 5’8, sixteen and wore clothes that stood out vibrantly. He wore sun glasses that had gem stones for the lenses and one golden pierced earring in his right ear. And tattoos, eyes, eight to be exact, one on each ends of his knuckles, they were possibly haunted and they stared back, sharply judging Lucas .

Lucas’s place of employment was in a forest nearby, supposedly magical and ancient. It was in a cottage. The cottage was a workshop or how Adam, his employer, preferred to call it, an atelier. Lucas parked his bike on the workshop’s rickety porch. Before he entered he could hear music inside. As he opened the door he was greeted to a spectacle, that even after a month of knowing Adam, he still wasn’t used to.

The atelier was riddled with colorful potions and lively plants (literally) old tattered books and gem stones all mocking gravity. At the center of it all, and he was always at the center of it all, Adam danced and sang loudly, to the song. Lucas stared awe struck as a small crystal floated by him, catching the light from the evening sun perfectly as it casted a myriad of colors throughout the room. 

“Adam!” Lucas shouted over the music.

“Lulu welcome home!” Adam shouted back.

“This isn’t my home.” Lucas retorted annoyingly.

Adam whistled to his trusty broomstick. It flew in front of Lucas, by his feet and floated there. Adam walked up to Lucas, stepped on the broomstick so he could be at eye level with him, clasped both his hands on Lucas’s cheeks and said. 

“Then consider my home your second home, my beautiful Oak Tree.” Oak Tree being a play on words for Lucas’s last name and a jab at his height.

Lucas’s cheeks burned red and he tried desperately to stop blushing.

“Aw how cute, you’re blushing.” Adam said jokingly.

“Quit it.” Lucas removed Adam’s hands off his cheeks.

“Whats the job for today?”

“We need one last ingredient for the clients medicine.” Adam replied now focusing on the task at hand. 

“Where and what is this ingredient?” Lucas wondered.

“My tattoos are telling me it’s in a cave nearby.”

This was another aspect about Adam that Lucas was not used to yet. The eye tattoos spoke to Adam, they each glowed different colors representing something obscure to Lucas. 

“It’s an herb called Happy Eternity, very rare. I hope you brought your tennis racket my brave bodyguard because the tattoos are telling me that we have some ghouls and specters to slay.” 

“It’s a baseball bat.” reminding Adam for the millionth time.

This was Lucas’s job, Alchemist Bodyguard. His payment? In Adam’s words, 

“Your payment will be an abundance of adventures and hugs!” 

Lucas’s reply, 

“Keep ‘em”.

The two boys ventured to the illusive cave deep in the forest. A light from a crystal that Adam synthesized illuminated their way, floating in midair . Lucas, bat in hand, was ready for any unlucky horror that dared crossed them. 

Indeed a small troop of horrific creatures did show their hideous faces. The battles were grueling but the boys managed. They made their way to the end of the cave and found their prize. An herb bathing in light. Adam slowly plucked it, grabbed Lucas by the hand and they both flew out of the cave. After mixing the herb and creating the medicine for their client, they headed to their last destination, the hospital. 

“I hope this helps doctor.” Adam said kindly to the elderly doctor.

“Thank you Mr. Silverman, this should ease the patients pain.

“Will it cure her?” asked Lucas.

“I’m afraid not, This medicine will only relieve her suffering not cure it.”

“Do you have any idea what we went through to get that?!” shouted Lucas furiously.

“Lucas…thats enough.” Adam said in a calm voice.

“Please give the patient and her parents our regards doctor.” Adam said politely, He turned around and left with Lucas, frustrated, following behind.

The boys walked in silence with the stars twinkling dolefully in the night sky.

“I understand you’re mad Lucas but Alchemy is a science and like magic, science isn’t perfect. If I could give that little girl even a few moments of peace before she passes than I’ve done my job.” Adam looked at the eight individual tattoos on his knuckles. In a barely audible whisper he said,

“Not everyone has the fortune of receiving such peace.” 

 Adam looked at the tattoos as if he knew them and they, him. 

“Look…I’m sorry I got mad in there. I think…I think you’re pretty awesome at what you do Adam. I may not understand this Alchemy stuff but I guess only awesome people are capable of it right?”

Adam, out of his trance looked up at Lucas. He smiled and laughed

“You’re a sweetheart Oak Tree, thanks.”

Again Lucas blushed and fought the sensation with such mental force.

“Well I guess we should call it a day, tomorrow the same time?”

“You going to pay me this time?”

“Of course! with adventures and….”

“Keep ‘em”.

And that was the night the tattoos fell in love with Lucas and the universe couldn’t stop spinning.


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