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Spark~A poem

By @Kittyqueen79


Wake up,


Dress up,

Go to school,

Appear Okay,

Why? They ask you,

Just not today,

You say

He was there,

He liked you,

You didn’t

And suddenly,

Boom! He likes her,

Someone a year older,

Someone prettier,

You never thought

That you’d fall for him,

But you did,

But he doesn’t like you,

Like he used to.

So you tell yourself

“Get over it”

“You’re fine”

But truly inside,

You aren’t fine.

You can’t get over it.

And when you tell your best friend,

All they say is

“I’m disturbed.”

Nothing more,

Nothing less.

So you cry.

You can’t tell anyone else

For fear of rejection

Just like your best friend did.

You’re scared he will find out,

And you’re scared he will

Reject you.

Ignore you.

Hate you.


There will always be


Whether you like it,

or not.

But then you find happiness,

Only to be crushed with sadness.

But someday,

Just someday,

You know that you’ll be good enough

For someone

And you will be happy.

So you keep believing.

And you keep living,

Until something truly good


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