Story of my life

By @Kyra
Story of my life

This is a story of young girl who was sweet and simple but now she has changed. Want to know what happened? There's lot of mystery, there are many secrets and loads of suspense. She is no more the same simple and sweet girl, the world has changed her.

Chapter 1

Brief Introduction

What do we need?

A smooth life without any problems. Isn’t it?

Well! that doesn’t make sense. Don’t you feel like life is all about ups and downs? Without problems life won’t be interesting, it will lack excitement. Aah! Yes I feel so. I feel like one should say yes to problems – say yes to new experiences – say yes to risks. Build your own story – build your own dramatic series and share it with whole world. Let the world know about you and about your life. How you reached here, where you are? Let your story tell the world about your struggles. One shouldn’t be afraid to share his/her story. Your story can either inspire others or it can help others learn a lesson.

Everyone has a different story, full of – suspense, mysteries, secrets and drama. Life can’t be simple, it will always have certain surprises or shocks ready for you in advance. Be free to share your story – your experiences – because life doesn’t give a second chance.

Here, I’ll share my story – Kyra’s untold story – Kyra’s secrets.

So, what is life?

Life is an untold story.

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  1. Tamsyn

    hi ky,
    My beloved friend.
    I am so excited

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