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Poem from a broken-hearted boy; It’s over now

By @LEO437

It’s been two years since you know her

At that time, you were sixteen

You both loving each other

And always say it will last forever

But all those words just fake

There’s so much lie between the entire truth

December came, The month when she was born

You start writing a love song as the birthday gift

Believe or not,She declares you the war

‘Cause she moved on with someone new

You tried to hide the jealousy

but you know this is the reality

You have to face what’s surround you

Realizing this has happened to you

How could love turn to hate so fast?

How could she break your heart?

All you had to do just let her go

It’s now revealed,She is not right for you

You start to breathe but it doesn’t sound the same

you gotta learn how this story ends

Deep inside your heart, there’s hollowing soul

You know you still love her, but what should you do?

Back in the days when you were close

And you wonder how can you turn back the time

To rewrite those line but its already written in angel’s book

You keep regretting knowing her longer

So you sit here in the darkness

Wondering how to escape this life

And the lights that follow you all are faded

Time to let go of all these feelings

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