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By @Raemags16

I miss the smiles of days gone by

Of the laughter and joy I always saw in your eyes

The feeling of family and love you would always bring

And the closeness we felt when you taught me to sing


I miss the hugs that chased fear away

Of the way you saw hope in each and every day

The walks we would take when I felt sad

You could always make me laugh when a day went bad


I miss the love that you freely gave

How in the end it was you I couldn’t save

I wish I could feel your happiness around

Because now tears are the only sound


I miss the light that shone in your face

Of you and I and the butterflies we would chase

I miss your heart beating with mine

Only now I see that we’re out of time


I miss our hands, clasping together

The way that we were two birds of a feather

You left me with memories as your only token

Now the stopwatch of our lives is broken

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