By @sofiapierce3

Here are the lyrics to a song which dives down into emotions and ''stones'' which won't leave you alone. What's your favorite line?

Chapter 1


Stones have gathered deep down in my heart,

Weighing it down ’til it sinks down hard,

Stones of darkness, worry, are about me,

Still they stay when I ask them to leave.

When I close my eyes they still are there,

Choking me ’til I need some more air,

Fear and worry start to find my dreams,

Oh, how much I want them to leave:

Me alone!

Can’t they let me live life?

In peace, without the strife,

Piercing into my heart deep,

Stopping it from any leap!

I need help to run away!

I won’t be able to stay,

I’ll run and run so far,

Away from all that stone-hard!

It’s stone-hard!

Stone-hard, stone-hard,

No, stone-hard,


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