Stolen Life

By @faithg516
Stolen Life

Written about and for my crazy teacher who had her home vandalized by a man who just wanted some tide pods.

Chapter 1

T H E B E G I N N I N G.

When push comes to shove and a long ago English graduate is forced to move to Tennessee to become a Math teacher, what will happen to the life that she left behind?

Jhonda Johnston. She’s weird, she’s ***** and she’s here. Nashville, Tennessee is the Music City, not a huge change from the busy life of New York, but still a change. Jhonda’s settled into her life as a Math teacher at a school for the gifted. She’s a writer looking for a revelation that will fix the brick wall she’s recently run into with writing. The students influence her everyday, both negatively and positively, but nothing like what is to come. Jhonda not only still has a place in New York, but also has a farm in the countryside of Kentucky. The prom for the school she teaches at is coming up and she plans on attending. Suddenly, her plans are cut short by a look at her bank account. A credit card, not used by Jhonda in a while, is actively being charged. What the hell? Jhonda’s mind is racing. Her pulse quickens as she realizes that someone has stolen her credit card information! But how? Her credit card was in- Wait… it’s in Kentucky. Oh ***. She rushes to the farm, 150 miles away. Nothing seems wrong…yet. She enters the home and goes to find the credit card. When she opens the closet door to where it should be, it’s missing, along with some car accessories and an iPod docking speaker. *Sigh* She walks around the home, looking for other possible missing items. Then the laundry room shows another M.I.A. The Tide Pods. What. The. F. She calls the sheriff. A detective and the sheriff are going to attempt to find the person and bring them to justice. But will it be too late?

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