Still Tangled

By @kehlani_
Still Tangled

They weren't a part of each other's lives, but they were a part of each other. [Full summary inside]

Chapter 1


They weren’t a part of each other’s life, but they were a part of each other. 

Claire Raymond is an all-star athlete, who constantly feels the need to prove herself. After her older sister, Mia, was placed in rehab, she feels the need to strive even harder for perfection so that no one could see how much she blamed herself. During her senior year of high school, she is pushed beyond her limits, both physically and emotionally when she befriends the newly returned student who carries dark secrets of his own. 

Barrett James returns to his hometown, after being recruited by the Count, a man who runs the Fighting Box and underground drug trade downtown. The troubled eighteen year old, knew exactly what he was in for, and was prepared to take on the responsibly as the Counts right-hand man, even if it was a path for self-destruction. While living this secret life, he finds comfort in his friendship with Claire. 

Follow the two on their journey through the years of their friendship as they fight a budding relationship, and trouble follows their every step. How long can the two live separate lives before dark secrets begin to surface? Will the two be able to escape each other, or will they remain still tangled together?

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