Sticks & Stones

By @PoetryWritter

Sticks & Stones

By @PoetryWritter

A small collection of poems showing the evolution of someone's beliefs - starting from privileged and racist, ending with caring and compassionate. Set in Australia's Northern Territory.

Chapter 4

Poem 3

Within a blink of an eye, Patrick is banished

Stripped of his work experience, stripped of his certificate, stripped of his pride

It was a long fall off that high, high horse

Reality slapping him hard in the face

The dark storm clouds encasing the hospital have passed

The sun’s righteous rays taking its place

Victorious, the Indigenous plants begin to regrow, stronger than ever

Sounds of freedom echoing down the hallways

Justice has been served; piping hot

A celebration was in order, as unique as the people around me

Didgeridoos, clapping sticks, and bullroarer fill the air

Lights provided by the birrimbirr spread out to the furthest degree

A once-in-a-lifetime experience that will never be forgotten, I swear

But through this time of glee, I find another inner battle commence

Is it right that I have only now come to their defence?

Is calling one person out enough to rip off Australia’s pretence?

My beliefs still feel like they’re on the fence

I catch a glimpse of Yindi, encompassed by her loved ones

The infectious smile returning

“Djamarrku! Come here!” she hollers across the land, appreciation painted on her face

“This is because of you. You have released us from the cages. Buku-gurrpan.”

A tear cascades down my cheek

This moment forever being seared in my mind

The time I put my pride and reputation behind me

The time I stood up for someone I didn’t really know

The time I fought the power enlisted in someone else

Never before, have I had such a strong urge to make a lasting change

Rip the power away from the hungry, and give it those that need it

Indigenous people will no longer be the target at a firing range

Newfound empathy, a required permit

This world was not created for people to be divided

Black, white, old, young, they were all provided

These ancient beliefs are totally misguided

It’s time to make it undivided

The voice of an angel returns, but not on her own

This time, she is supported by hundreds of others, their stories being told

Generations coming together, a strong bond that will never be shattered

Flames flickering, stars shining, voices vibrating

A new meaning of celebration being created

The dark times are over, a new era taking place

A warm feeling inside me taking control

I feel the Gapuwiyak are now a part of me

Humming loud and proud

Hatred and distrust formed in the past

Does not have a place in modern times

Change the way you view the elders of this land

Don’t let them tell you white is always right

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