Sticks & Stones

By @PoetryWritter

Sticks & Stones

By @PoetryWritter

A small collection of poems showing the evolution of someone's beliefs - starting from privileged and racist, ending with caring and compassionate. Set in Australia's Northern Territory.

Chapter 2

Poem 1

Lyrics soar through the sky, traveling far to an unknown destination

Words confusing and intriguing at the same time

The voice of an angel beckons me forward, curiosity taking the wheel

Snooping through the corridors, the words echo through the halls

This language is foreign to me, but still it holds my attention

Stuck in a trance, I round the corner, my eyes darting everywhere

The music grows louder, creating a tsunami of sound

The vibrations from the piano dictate my path

Oh. The waves have crashed over me.

The voice of an angel comes from the body of an outcast

Disappointment encasing my face, curiosity depleted

The colour of her skin and the passion in her voice, a complete contrast

My ears feel cheated

A beauty not worthy of this ungrateful race

These ‘people’ have little grace

Honestly, they should be grateful that we even listen to their pointless case

Why did I trap myself in this hell of a place?!

A deep breath takes control of the wheel

Desert winds, dangerous wildlife, and daunting locals soon a distant, foggy memory

Time won’t control me, I will control time

I was comfortable, I am worthy, I will soon be stronger

Constructing a smile, I return to the patient

Foreign words polluting the clean air

“Thank you, Balanda, for the bä’pali!”

The smile façade is slowly being chiselled away

One patient out, only a brief relief before I am victim to another one

The outcast trudges into the room, her footsteps an oncoming earthquake

Slap! The latex gloves a barrier between the outcast’s filth and my hands

Nerves displayed through her noticeable shakes

A life slipping through quick sand

Eyes lowered, she raises her sleeve, preparing for the next phase

X marks the spot; I come out of my daze

Needle ready, I’m near the end of this maze

Do it right, and you will see through the haze

“Buku-dj… Thank you Miss.” barely escapes her mouth

Her eagerness to leave, comes back to sting her like a wasp

Bang! Clash! Two trains bound on a collision course

Equipment sent flying, hurdling, zooming through the air

The outcast rummages on the floor, picking up the pieces of her mistake

“Watch it!” Patrick glares at her, his eyes ablaze with rage

Like her feet are stuck in cement blocks, she freezes, drops everything, and hastily escapes

“Ape.” squirms out from Patrick’s mouth

This time I freeze.

Inner confliction

Emotions confusing me

Who should I follow? 

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