Sticks & Stones

By @PoetryWritter

Sticks & Stones

By @PoetryWritter

A small collection of poems showing the evolution of someone's beliefs - starting from privileged and racist, ending with caring and compassionate. Set in Australia's Northern Territory.

Chapter 1

Opening Poem

Through the sun-baked landscape, I sight a glimpse of my future

A mixture of disgust, distrust, and disappointment surge around my body

It feels like time has slammed on the breaks; emphasis added onto each second

I pray a desert death adder will make this quick

The Greats like Captain Cook and John Lort Stokes guide me forward

Their ability to brave the prehistoric ways of the savages admirable

While the ancestors of others litter the trail with broken glass

Setting up their saviours with malicious accusations

Surrounded by rocks, sand, more sand, more rocks, my choices are limited

Challenge myself to defeat this mammoth task, or go home empty-handed

My stubborn ways have cemented the path I am to follow

Success the only thing in my mind

Locals gaze daggers at the Jeep, uncertainty painted on their faces

Their fear a pungent odour suffocating the air

The children race around like feral animals

They will forever be stuck in this never-ending loop created by this disgraceful society

Shanty shacks add a rural element to a land already miles away from civilisation

The bones of the old missionaries put to bed by time

Heat surges through the air, making me more uncomfortable

The thought of staying here any longer makes me nauseous

The shadow of the hospital looms over me

An eye-sore in all its glory

Despite the intense heat, a cold chill caresses my back

With my sword drawn, I take my first few steps towards my future.

Sand swells

Uneven ground

Fear lurking everywhere

Change is supposed to be good, right?

Deep breath

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