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Sticks and Stones

By @Al1996

Adults don't listen

They said that sticks and stones would break our bones and words would never hurt us. Those same adults were wrong. The name calling starts in middle school then in high school it gets worse. It goes from senseless name calling to physical shoving and pushing. What use is it to think that kids know how to treat each other like humans should. The saddest thing is that compared to the rate of female suicides males are more likely to go through with it. Then there was that kid from Mandavile that went bat **** all because none of the adults wanted to listen. And you’d think that they’d at least be better at cleaning things up. The biggest mistake was the fact that the only reason why anyone knew about the Jeff Woods case was that his younger brother had published a book talking about the incident and the aftermath of it all. Maxwell Hayden had managed to **** himself over when he thought that a simple pay off the the MPD would be enough to “Fix” things. Then they brought in a detective to right after the son of a recently deceased police officer had encountered a Jeff the killer wannabe. Then that detective and another one that had been brought in from another district were killed by a rogue officer. The case was later tossed as far as the public knew. Jane Arkansaw on the other hand was still trying to find the people responsible for killing her father.

End of part one.

Part two: Corruption at it’s finest

Jeff Woods had been presumed dead. His body was in the morgue after all and it had taken three bodies plus those of Matt and Shela Woods to bring him in a body bag. Then a few days later when a mortician was doing his daily rounds found that the door to the fridge that was keeping Jeff’s corps from rotting was open and without him in it. When a security guard checked the tapes they saw what looked like Jeff just causally walking out. This baffled police as well as the mortician. They couldn’t figure out how a dead body could just come back to life. After all he was dead. Right? This would baffle everyone in the police department as well as news outlets in Mandavile. This one town had it’s secrets as well as the case that caused the biggest scandal since the corrupt mining town of Driscan, Missouri.

End Part two.

Part three: Jeffery Woods.

Jeff held onto a cane that he had taken from the morgue as he hobbled through the woods outside the police station. He could only see out of his left eye since Randy had accidentally shot him in the face with a flair gun. He managed to find the set of abandoned houses outside town. His hair was now long and a little greasy since it had been a while since he’d washed it. Jeff broke down the door of one of the houses and then sat on the slightly rotten floor. “What day is it?” He asked himself and then flinched when he saw that he wasn’t alone. Jane was stand no more than a few inches away and responded “It’s Monday” she stood there shaking as she looked at the boy who everyone thought was dead.

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