By @Perilock


By @Perilock

Alexa Rouxls and Montgomery Queen have managed to escape the laws against them, now they're being hunted down. People are being slaughtered mercilessly in hopes it'll bring them out of hiding. A very powerful person is changing everything for the worst, and that person knows where Alexa and Montgomery are.

Chapter 1


I stare at the dirty, wet grave. A single amethyst staff lies next to it. The grave says Alexa Rouxls. I grab the staff and roll it in my hands. I feel the hundred-year grooves in it, feeling each spell, letting the magic seep into my veins and take hold on my brain.

“Hey there Rouxls.”

I whip around swinging the staff with me, just missing a sandy blonde with amethyst eyes. I pound the staff on his head, not enough to knock him out or severely hurt him. “Montgomery! You scared me!”

“I’m sorry Rouxls. You’re just so easy to scare!”

He smiles while I sigh. “Let’s go. If they find us here, they’ll do something. Something bad.” Montgomery has always been oblivious, like a child really. He doesn’t know who they are, and don’t intend to tell him soon.


He follows me to a familiar alleyway. I look to the door. Guards. “What happens to be the problem here officers?”

“Are you Alexa Rouxls?”

“Yes sir. What do you need me for?” The leader eyes my staff.

“That stick will do.”

He reaches for it, but I quickly move out his way. “Will do for what?” The guards bear their weapons. Montgomery clutches my left arm. He whispers to me.

“Rouxls, we should go.”

The guard quickly pulls Montgomery to him, and holds a freshly sharpened sword to his neck.

“Give us the stick, and no one has to get hurt.”

There’s a blazing fire in the guard’s good eye. Good, there’s death in mine. I whack the staff against the guard’s skull, quickly breaking the iron helmet off his head. The other guards start running to me. I quickly grab Montgomery’s arm and run.

“Where are we going?!”

“I don’t know!” I create a portal right in front of us. We run into it just as it closes up. We end up in a castle.

“Royalty lives here!”

There are stars in Montgomery’s eyes, but behind that, fear. I walk to a tarnished statue. “Well, used to.” I run my hand over the smooth surface. A sharp pain stabs through my hand. “Ouch!”


Montgomery runs over, but I’m already on the floor. Everything goes black.

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