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By @blxnd_fxck


My eyes flutter open. “NOVA! COME HERE YOU LITTLE *****!” a voice shouts angrily. I look around. I see that I’m back at my dad’s. I try to move, but I’m completely paralyzed. I hear booming footsteps coming up the stairs. Tears fall down my face, as I desperately try to break out of my paralyzation. My dad bursts through the door with a murderous grin. He beats me over and over again, even after I fall to the floor. I just lay there crying, unable to stop him.

I wake up, terrified. I quickly sit up and look around. I see that I’m in my room. It was only a night terror, but it felt so… real. Tears stream down my face like mini waterfalls and my entire body is shaking like an earthquake. I bury my head into my lap and hug my knees. I cry quietly at first, but after about a minute or so, I’m sobbing loudly.

My door opens. I look up to see Will standing at the door. “Hey, are y-” he starts, but then he sees me and his question is answered. He shuts the door and comes to my side, sitting down next to me on my bed. He pulls me into a hug. I cry even more. “It’s okay, I’m here.” he whispers. We wait until my breathing’s steady before we start talking.

“H-How’d you know…?” I ask. “I could hear you shouting in your sleep.” he replies, wiping my tears. “Night terror?” he asks, grabbing my hand. I nod. “Wanna talk about it?” he quizzes, stroking my petite hand with his thumb. I shake my head. He nods. “You’re lucky I wasn’t streaming!” he jokes lightly. I giggle. “Wanna fall asleep together on call?” he asks. I nod. He gets up and darts out the room. A few minutes later, my phone rings. I answer. I end up falling asleep before him. “Me and Al will keep you safe, Novi.” is the last thing I hear before slipping back into the land of dreams.

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