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By @Raemags16

I watch in silence, a faithful friend

The glittering orbs so high above

Full of mystery, full of promise

Of hope, of love, of life and death

I am light. I am dark. I am empty. I am full.

Coming together, a work of art; never to be touched

I reach past the curtain of my dreams

I stretch past the veil of reality

Full of light, full of imagination, empty of sin

Ritual unbroken, the stars lead the way

The guidance is sure but to where is not

The end can’t be seen and the past is gone

I watch through the film of all conceiving 

I stare through the window of thought and feeling

I wait for it to appear, to enlighten, and then disappear

Gone are memories, love and time

But here they stay, glowing bright, not fading away

The stars, criss-crossing the heavens

Etching constellations in the sky and my heart

This is Fate, Destiny. I am star-crossed

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