Sports Superheroes and Villains

By @depechefloyd

Sports Superheroes and Villains

By @depechefloyd

A story about a sports superhero and a sports super villain.

Chapter 1

Power Blast

Power blast wore armor. A reinforced football uniform to be exact. Being able to generate footballs of power that explode, he fought crime.

           Once a sharp-toothed demon with a flattop and wearing a Gi came upon Power Blast.

           “Hasta la vista, baby!” the demon cackled as it generated glowing power in his fists.

           “Eat this!” he screamed as he fired at Power Blast.

           Power Blast quickly generated a football and fired it at the demon.

           “No!” it screamed as it exploded, bits of remains flying everywhere.

           “Yes!” yells Power Blast.

           So, Power Blast went on to fight many battles with other heroes after that. One battle, called the Great Battle, claimed many victims on both sides, both heroes and villains. Power Blast was instrumental as he helped to take down a massive giant with his footballs. 

           After the battle was over, Power Blast left the scene. But he saw that someone was following him.            

           The man following him was also in a football uniform, but he was larger.

           “Who are you?” said Power Blast.

           “BLOCK!” said the other football player as he uppercut Power Blast with both hands, causing Power Blast to soar backward. 

           Power Blast generates a football and throws it at Block. Block throws up his arms and the ball bounces away. 

           “CATCH THIS!” yells Power Blast as he generates another, more powerful ball. 

           It explodes with power and fries Block to a crisp.


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