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By @ShaySpell

Prologue: The Nobody who didn't die...

Updated 04/18/2018


The locket he kept, was swinging by its broken chain as his fingers fought the numbness to hold on.

Nathaniel struggled to stand up in the dust and brume, when he inhaled the cloud in, he could barely breathe. He violently coughs, almost staggering forward into the tall grass, taking the first steps onto the foreign soil only he and his father could recognize.

The equation…the magic he had been searching for most of his life, has finally come to a close. It came when he is meant to die.

The explosion the great circle made in the sky stopped the execution that was about to commence. Once again, he avoided death. Once again, not paying for his crimes.

A soft puff lightly blew through his raven hair, soaked with sweat, dirt and blood, the breeze gave him second life.

The tattered leather buckles dangle on his pointed boots as he tread the open field, the broken chains on to his ripped vest swayed; loose black pearl buttons barely hanging on thread were dropping to the dirt.

The boy gripped on his dislocated arm and laughed.

To whom? The dust? The sky? To life? To Death?

Who knows, it didn’t matter.

All he knew, and was certain, his dream is now real.

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