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Think About Me

By @Grallingbo


The teenage girl began to dash across the concrete, panting much more than necessary as she bolted towards her lover. Irritatingly, she called out his name twice every five seconds, another worthless detail that didn’t seem to add to the tension of the scene.


Finally, she arrived by the side of her boyfriend, dramatically collapsing to her knees at the sight of the bullet wounds rooted deep within his chest. “They shot you,” the girl croaked, stating the obvious as she began to cradle Trent in her arms. “I can’t believe they did this!

You don’t have to worry, babe,” Trent said in the blandest of tones, “I’ll always be with you. Just keep me in your heart and I’ll never leave your side, Sharon.

Please don’t go!” Sharon was starting to sound like she was choking on her own mucus as she kept speaking. “We still have so much to do together, like see the world and go sky-diving and…

Oh, God, when is this episode going to end?

The bearded man who sat on the couch in front of the television screen watched with weary eyes as the episode played out. His thoughts were racing with angry, tired slurs which had been caused by his “old man twitches” that had only kicked in due to his absolute boredom. He didn’t care for the characters, the episode, or even the show itself; unable to sleep, he put on one of the new shows being aired on Reelz and hoped to God he fell asleep from boredom. Somehow he was still awake, despite himself.

Oh, how Zachary was really starting to feel his age the past couple of weeks.

His body rejected the things that it used to do so easily, willingly, and quickly back in the day. He couldn’t drink as well, he couldn’t sing as well, he couldn’t dance as well, he couldn’t even get high as well as he did when he used to be a young man. Zachary didn’t quite care about not being able to sleep as well; after all, he wasn’t really a “sleep” type of person. He didn’t do “sleep”.

Soon enough, he began to dread his inability to sleep upon command.

His best friends, the people that he lived with, were still so young and strong. They could do so many things Zachary could only dream of doing, now that his age was doing him in. He was inept for the pleasantries that he used to enjoy so much to the point where all he wanted to do was sleep his sadness away.

Unfortunately, it seems that he can’t even do that.

Zach was blipping in and out of consciousness, bordering right on the edge of sleep but suddenly being tugged right back into reality before he could fall. He became frustrated enough that he decided to keep himself awake, forcing his eyelids apart to stare at the TV ahead of him. It wasn’t any more different than what he had previously witnessed during the episode, for it was just Sharon bawling nonsense to Trent.

Suddenly, from the black spots caught in the frame, the television screen reflected the bathroom door opening behind Zachary.

Zach closed his eyes, leaning his head against the back cushion of the couch. He knew exactly who it was.

“You aren’t asleep yet?” Zach said to the other man in the room.

“Yeah, well,” the man responded, “for the first time in months, I can’t.”

Zach turned his head to look at his roommate before he responded but stopped short when he caught the sight of his body.

“Have some decency, will you?” Zach murmured, cocking an eyebrow. “Put on some boxers, at least.”

There, the man stood, completely nude while staring at his phone. From Zach’s angle, he could clearly see the man’s ass in full view. Michael has (unfortunately) done this plenty of times before. It didn’t make Zach uncomfortable, rather, it made him jealous. God, his body was so lean and toned that it made Zach yearn for his days of youth again.

In response to Zach’s words, Michael’s eyes shifted from the bright screen of his phone to Zach’s gray eyes. Then, Michael said, “All of my clothes are in the wash.”

“And you didn’t even get a towel.”

“But towels imprison my beautiful body.”

“You’re quite lucky I’m used to you being completely naked, or else I would’ve shot you in the forehead by now.”

Zach put his head on the back cushion of the couch again, closing his eyes as well. Though, he could still hear and feel Michael’s footsteps approaching him.

“Please don’t sit next to me in your birthday suit,” Zach groaned.

Just as he finished his sentence, he felt the couch sag a little bit to his right. Mike had sat down.

“Oh Jesus.” Zach visibly furrowed his eyebrows and turned his head away from the right.

Mike laughed that hearty laugh Zach heard every day. It tempted Zach to open his eyes, almost. But he kept them closed, even as he felt Mike’s presence move closer; he could smell the body soap on Mike as he neared.

Cyka blyat,” Zach whimpered. “Get away from me.”

“Scoot over then,” Mike said. “I want to see what’s on right now.”

“It’s nothing even remotely interesting.”

“Yeah, well, it’ll help me sleep faster if it’s boring.”

That made Zach open his eyes.

“What did you say?”

Mike stared at him, as if he were waiting for Zach to add onto his question. When a few wordless seconds passed, Mike decided to repeat himself.

“If it’s boring, it’ll help me sleep faster.”

Zach huffed. “It isn’t as if you have any sleeping problems.”

In response, Mike sighed. His gaze trailed back to the TV screen as he said, “You’d be surprised, old man.”

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