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Speak Poet

By @RachelElizabethDonut


Speak Poet. Speak now before your words become sludge,

Before your phrases become a mixture of meaningless, mournful memories

Speak poet, because the instant you close your mouth to accept what life has given you

You’ve already lost the fight.

Speak now because if you stay silent as the grave then the grave you will become

And the empty promises you could have said would not make you want to run

Speak now, speak now full of emotion and full of love, because if not your inquiries

Will sound like a robot, just going through the motions, cold as ice.

Speak now because without words you become numb

and when you become numb you lose feeling

And when you lose feeling you become….still.

Still, like a lake, with no wind to stir it.

Still, like a block of ice, cold and unforgiving.

Speak, my dear poet, because you don’t have much time left.

Speak. Now. Speak.

Speak because that weight you feel?

The one bowing your head and quieting your already quiet words?

That weight is going to become heavier

Soon it will feel like you’re holding up the heavens from crashing down on earth.

Speak now because death is at your door,

Ready to knock the door down and yell, “Your time is up!”

Speak, do not be afraid. Let your voice be heard throughout the nation,

Speak because there are hordes of the sceptical

Of those who would love nothing more than to bring you down.

Speak now, because those who do not believe you have a voice

Do not know how beautiful your words are

How much gold your words would be worth

Speak now because someone somewhere depends on those soulful words to bring them up.

Speak. Now. Please.

If not for yourself then for others.

You don’t have to be smart about it, you don’t have to have a degree.

All you have to do, is just……speak.

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