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Space Cadet

By @rue_lourd

Space Cadet,

You wear a helmet to hide your feelings

isolating yourself

on your own world,

a place of fading memories.

Soon you, too, shall fade,

and become nothing more than a forgotten constellation

For you will only be missed when you’ve burned out.

Space Cadet,

walking on the moon

no wonder they all hated you.

You didn’t even try

to adjust to their customs.

Space Cadet,

the planet you walk upon is not your own.

This place is different

and so are you.

You hang up your helmet

time to fall in line.

You become the first person who talks to you

mimicking their everything,

you lose all sense of self.

Space Cadet,

lost among the stars

no wonder they all called you a liar.

You weren’t even true

to yourself.

Space Cadet,

Your oxygen was cut off a while ago

you’re slowly dying

on a foreign planet

in a body that’s no longer your own.

You reach for your helmet

but it’s gone

You forgot that you surrendered your identity

a long, long time ago.

Space Cadet,

They’ll never understand you.

You are their abandoned science project

Don’t you know experiments

shouldn’t have feelings?

Space Cadet,

it’s time for takeoff.

pray to your God for mercy

you know you don’t deserve.

Pray those in the afterlife

aren’t as unkind

as those in your past life were.

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