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Sourudipu Memories

By @KMartfoundherway

Meeting Honoka

It was a relatively normal night; I had finished up some work at the temple, raked sand, harvested the ingredient for our village famous kōcha, refined crystal rice into powder for ease of dealing; the normal stuff. I remember looking into the sky; the moon was full and bright, and the stars danced in a way that, looking back, it was almost as though they celebrated what was coming.

I went outside of the village walls, they were large back then; the unnamed ones carved them out of mountains and placed them strategically around where their village would be. They’ve all but faded now, poetic that the ruins of our wall reflect the state of us now. Forgive an ancient for his rambling; I stood for some time, half keeping watch and half to allow my stone grey skin to enjoy the light of the moon. When I had enough, I hastily moved into the forest.

The moon’s light casted harsher shadows through the trees, I darted from shadow to shadow staying out of sight. I wandered through the bushes, watching for new marks in the main path and checked the status of the rotting heads of the last foolish Intruders. It’s not as though the outsiders hadn’t heard of us, we were more infamous than famous. All the same this caused more cocky upstarts to rush and prove their worth as warriors; unfortunately ending for them without witness of their killer.

After going through my normal route I prepared to make my way home, perhaps drink some of that kōcha or polish my family sword? Mid thought suddenly I heard some branches breaking, cautious, I moved to a position I could observe.

There she was, her skin in the moonlight shone white and pure, resembling new fallen snow; her black-brown hair’s curls traveling down her naked shoulders into the nape of her back. She seemed lost, confused even. Observing her, she couldn’t walk, turn, talk, or use her arms at the same time. It was as though she had never controlled her movements before. Even so it was as if a goddess’ daughter stood before me.

I stepped out of my place in the shadows, “Do you have a name?” She didn’t respond, I took off my cloak and draped it over her. I led her into the village, grabbing the necessary documentation to permit her once able. I took her into my home and started the fire, putting on some rice and tea. I took out some old robes, the clothes of a man. “This is what I have, but it’s better than nothing.” I taught her about the village and it’s customs while we ate, after dinner I used my arm to heat up the bath and bathed her; she seemed to really enjoy that.

At the end of the night, we laid in my futon and she looked at me. For the first time, her mouth opened as if to speak, “BUUUUUURP!’

Written by Onigo Hideyoshi,Ongaku,Kuromoda

[The burp is definitely accurate – Honoka]

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